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Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – Oct. 2, 2022

Preposterous, FBI Ordered To, Cardboard Rights, Official Under-reach, Digital Unanonymity Planned, Global Censorship Sociopaths, Whiteout Blackout, Undue Gov Influence, Crosshairs On Germany, War At Home, Rlog, BTWRLM492, Seth Rich, Court Order, FOIA, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Homeless, Mobility Scooter, ballot drop boxes, Pirate Site, 6G Radiation, Digital dollar, digital euro, unanonymous, Identifty Verified, Federal Reserve, pilot exercise, ESG, social credit score, digital ID, whipped cream, Global Censorship System, UC-Berkeley Ban, NSO Group, Germany, Nord Stream, NATO, Sabotage, CIA, Russia, Ukraine Annexation, War on Drugs, No Knock, Lies, Killing, Breonna Taylor, sophisticated malware, DenyingCashIsRacism

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