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Grim Leftovers Podcast Blog – 2019-02-04 – #RobotDogs #ChildBrides #ChildLabor #DerbyCon #Hackers #5G

This Episode’s Topics:
° Packs of robot DOGS could soon deliver packages at your doorstep
° U.S. approved arrival of thousands of child brides from foreign countries
° Mom Tells Neighbors Her 9-Year-Old Daughter Could Help Them Do Chores, Cops Arrive With Child Labor Concerns
° Annual DerbyCon Hacker Conference is Ending Because SJW and Feminist “Negativity, Polarization and Disruption”
° UN Staffer Warns that 5G is a ‘War on Humanity’
° Star Wars: Brit hacker ‘discovers evidence of US space warship fleet’
° The US Has Military Forces in Over 160 Countries, but the Pentagon Is Hiding the Exact Numbers
° Google Manipulated YouTube Search Results To Program Users’ Behavior
° Death Knell For Syria Pullout: “We Have To Protect Israel” Says Trump

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