RLM News – September 19th, 2011

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The growing size and power of The Prison Industrial Complex, NetFlix is sorry, Obama's $3.6 Trillion Deficit Reduction Plan, Ron Paul's Million Dollar Weekend, Neo-Con Knuckleheads, My Views #OccupyWallStreet, California Gun Ban

  • As government grows in size and scope, so does the Prison Industrial Complex. This is a natural side effect of the passing of ever more legislation and continued growth of the lobbying industry. The larger any of the 'Industrial Complexes' (prison, military, security, pharmaceutical, medical, etc) grow, the more of your money they steal to pay for it, the more of your rights and freedoms are removed and the more corruption expands. The entire government of the United States is fully owned and operated by various banksters and corporations. The legislation is written for them and pushed through by those same entities, not in the interest of you, but in the interest of banks and corporations.
  • Please listen to the recording of today's show for my views on the Occupy Wall Street protests and other topics I covered today. Thanks.

The Video recording of the show is at the bottom of the post.

These are the links from the information shared on the Real Liberty Media News on
Channel 1 -September 19th, 2011.

Profit from Punishment: Prison lobby locking 'n' loading up on cash (video)

Netflix to split off DVD business; CEO apologizes

Netflix now enforcing streaming limit

Obama Proposes $4 Trillion in Spending Cuts "Over 120 Years"

Early Take On Obama's Speech

Ron Paul raises more than $1 million over weekend Ron Paul's Million Dollar Weekend

Reaction to Ron Paul shows some Americans are exceptionally stupid

Wall Street Areas Blocked as Police Arrest Seven

New York City milk prices skyrocket 11% after suppliers increase costs, small shops hit hard

Gun control bill in Gov. Brown's hands

Tokyo: 60,000 Rally Against Nukes

Additional Links Not Covered during Live Broadcast

Drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in U.S., data show

World's Longest Tougue

World's Longest Tongue

Texas GOP scraps straw poll (June 16, 2011)

Ron Paul Cheated Out of Texas Straw Poll Win?

Life After An EMP Attack: No Power, No Food, No Transportation, No Banking And No Internet

Postal Service plan would save $20 billion: White House

Are We Worthy of Freedom?

Interactive Info-graphic Of The Doomed European Financial System

‘Jobs Crisis Could Spark Riots Here’ – New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

S&P Downgrades Italy; Euro, Futures Tumble

Experts: Fukushima ‘Worse’ Than Chernobyl -Tokyo Evacuation Can No Longer Be Ignored

The Cost Of Vaccinating Against Sexually-Transmitted Diseases



Troop Movement! Why? Elenin? Collapse? What?


Profit from Punishment: Prison lobby locking 'n' loading up on cash


Show Recording

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