Freeker’s Ball – New Years Eve 2014 Prediction Show

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Freeker’s Ball – 2014 Prediction Show

On December 27th, 2012 at 11:00 PM Eastern the weekly show on Real Liberty Media (RLM) on Channel 3 was aired with your hosts Grimnir and Moosegurl.
This was the 4th annual predictions for the next year show. During the show, we received many predictions for 2014 in the chat room.

2014 PredictionsAt the end of 2014, we will do another predictions show for 2015 and we will review the predictions listed below to see how accurate we all were.
It was a very fun show and we had a great time doing it. The audio podcast of the show is embedded at the top of this post.

For anyone reading this that is unfamiliar with IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and are wondering why the funny names people have, they are just nicknames that people give themselves when using IRC.

OK, On to the predictions. The predictions are numbered in the order they were received.

This Years Predictions:

  1. Grimnir – I predict end of drought in NM in 2014
  2. Spacewolf – I predict the end of bitcoin as we know it with tons of new regulations
  3. robwerks – banksters will come out with their own crypto currencies
  4. Asmo & Grimnir both predicted they will die this year
  5. Grimnir – Silver will hit $70 an ounce and the gold silver ratio will be under 40:1
  6. Bodiddy – There will be more Aliens!
  7. Grimnir – Dick Cheney will die this year
  8. Grimnir – 2014 will be a massive flu year (winter in to spring)
  9. WOODMAN – 2014 will be a massive year for the shitz (like people losing it)
  10. TranceAm – 2014 Another year where fear will rage the nation.
  11. TranceAm – 2014 The more expensive resources will make toilet-paper manufacturers issue a warning on the roll: Rips when to much pressure is applied.
  12. WOODMAN – 2014 that hemp paper manufactures crush domestic paper producers that must bleach and chemically treat their paper, as domestic producers lose the competitive edge further outsourcing workers to NZ and abroad…..
  13. TranceAm – 2014 The moment will near that the cost of the paper package around the chocolate bar will be more costly then the chocolate bar in it, until the moment is reached where no actual chocolate is IN the package.
  14. WOODMAN – the coca farmers of Ghana go into debt producing coca in 2014
  15. WOODMAN – the IMF forces them to grow GMO corn instead as condition of future loans so as they do not default on obligations to their IMF
  16. Beth – Cheney won’t die!
  17. Grimnir – I see a major earthquake (6.0 or higher) occurring on the New Madrid Fault in 2014
  18. FreeNslaved – Grimnir gets paid to do RLM
  19. FreeNslaved – 2014 will be the year when many folks wake up after the purge of infidels but it will be too late
  20. Grammy Mary – In 2014, The “System” Will Crash and after the Initial Shock, People will Realize They Don’t NEED It!
  21. TAO – in 2014, Governments will be FORCED by individuals to tell the truth about how bad Fuk-U-shima REALLY is
  22. FreeNslaved – In 2014 we are BORG
  23. FreeNslaved – After yet another debt crisis the dollar begins its final decent and people rush to precious metals and digital currencies to save what little wealth they have remaining.
  24. FreeNslaved – 2014 is remembered as the year of the Revolution
  25. FreeNslaved – In 2014 puny humans see a real light show
  26. TranceAm – In 2014 someone will come up the idea to fill them electronic cigarettes with hash-oil instead of nicotine.
  27. FreeNslaved – Aliens invade earth and wipe out puny humans
  28. FreeNslaved – Romes quits his job and joins the Hare-Krishna’s to only quit and start his own cult at the airport

Last Years Predictions:
(if there is a “Y” preceding a line, that means it was correct, or a hit, a “N” means incorrect or a miss .)
 N   Frieden – There will be considerable violence in the Midwest and northeast.
 N   Christine – Martial Law will be imposed in at least 2 major U.S. Cities.
 Y   Grimnir – Romes is going to lose alot of sleep this year.
 N   Asmo – I predict that I will be unemployed at some point during the year.
 N   DeeThrowner – My prediction for 2013 is that the purpose of chemtrails will be revealed as something good for us and they will produce results from some botched study to say geoengineering will save the earths atmosphere. It will all be crap!
 Y   Asmo – I predict I will survive the year, but barely.
 N   DeeThrowner – I predict Jesse Ventura will suffer some sort of “unexplained” health problems in 2013.
 N  Ravenlett – I predict that Asmo will get the job position that he put in for due opening of the new companies eyes.
 N   Ravenlett – i predict that Asmo and i will win big on the lottery and he will tell the new company to go pound salt.
 Y   Ravenlett – i predict that the chair of bowlies will no longer be hanging on the edge but will have fallen
 Y   Beth-Z – predicts Christopher Hitchens won’t come back and tell us there IS a god!
 N   Grimnir – Silver will hit $70 an ounce and the gold silver ratio will be under 40:1
 N   Beth-Z – 2750 for gold
 N   Beth-Z – I predict Cheney’s batteries will finally fail in 2013
 N   Moosegurl – Weed will be legalized in 10 more states.
 N   Moosegurl – Milk will go above $7
 Y   Grimnir – I will have an Out Of Body Experience
 Y   queite – Bradley Manning will be convicted of lesser charges & released on time served in 2013.
 Y   Beth-Z – Same shit, new year
 N   Beatle – a 10.0 Earthquake
 Y   Beth-Z (added 1/23/2013) – Rockefeller will die this year

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