OWS Everett WA

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I attended the OWS in Everett WA on October 29th. This is the first week of this Occupation.

When I got to the courthouse, the first thing I saw was Red and Blue Flashing Lights from a Police SUV. They had several Snohomish County Sheriffs and a few Everett Police. What I noticed was a lot of expensive cars, people on the clock, a couple of Port O Potty's, and about 4 people.

All I did was take some pictures and then realized, all the "occupiers" were marching down on Broadway.

It was great to see everybody with signs waving. One lady had a bullhorn. But people were all over, and people driving by were honking in support.

I talked to a few people and had some great conversations with people that were informed and were very nice. I appreciated listening to them and hearing their perspectives. I learned a few things from the people I spoke with and these people were right.

It wasn't the biggest gathering, but then again, this movement is just taking off. From all the people trying to make this OWS out to be about deadbeats, hippies, and vegans, I didn't see any of that. I mean I am from Seattle and am used to a left leaning crowd, but these were just normal citizens peacefully protesting.

The one thing that struck me as odd was the relatively large police presence for a relatively small crowd. I have to question the expenditures, but the cops kept to themselves and didn't exhibit any hostility whatsoever.

I had fun and it was great to meet some neighbors.

The main thing I walked away with was just a sense of seeing it for myself, and of course took lots of pictures of signs. I'll try to get these pics posted here at RLM. (Click Here to see the pictures)

I thought it was beautiful to see people exercising their 1st Amendment rights. These people know that we need change. Everybody knows we need change, but a lot of people are overgeneralizing the movement from what I can read into it, which is easy to do I suppose, but when you go walk around and talk to people, you see these are retired people, people laid off with no jobs to be found, people concerned about their children's future, and everybody's future. It was good to have dialogue, and everybody I talked to was extremely well informed and got it. I did not talk to everybody and merely wanted to observe it. I respected everything I saw and what they had to offer.

These people are right.

Day 1 – Peaceful Protest.


I heard 1 mike check.

I even got a cool button for free that says End the Wars in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

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