OWS: The Hardline Fringe Actors

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Riley Hart10-13-2011

The prevailing message that emerges from the majority involved in the protests should not be confused with the hardline fringe; that this tendency to solve a situation by resorting to acts of violence is ‘in itself’ the means to effect societal change.

The corrupting influence of various group-based-agendas have been seeking to hijack this movement ever since (after about a week) it became apparent that it was not going away on it’s own. At that time, it was considered fair game to commandeer by groups that promoted the various agenda-driven causes.

One thing the most is frustrating to the traditionalist rabble rousers is the refusal of the groups to adopt a concrete list of demands. The main objective here should not be mistaken as the ‘rebel without a cause’ scenario at all. Of course the main thesis is not at all disavowed by most Americans at all; namely the corrupting influence of power and greed and it’s effect on US government policy. Most seem to agree that this ‘is’ a problem in our society. Some say the government runs the corps, some say the corps run the government. Most agree that we are facing a double-edged Catch 22 conundrum.

So here’s the situation; what to do about it. We either must submit or we must engage in meaningless outbursts; there are no other choices. The act of ‘protesting’ is in itself, the very act of desperation that results from no other viable alternatives.

Every day, every American should wake up and proclaim, “We do not know if we are 99% or not, but this country is ‘our’ space, and we pledge to ‘occupy’ it every single day of the rest of our lives!” This needs to become normal, and in no way associated with acts of violence or aggressions.

We do not need a revolution at this point in time, violent or non-violent; Our government does not beg to be replaced. It is the only entity we possess that retains potential capability of drawing these bad financial actors back in line. But this will happen only after it becomes impossible for the special interests to ‘buy’ political influence in Washington.

I call on all Americans with a voice to help ‘marginalize’ these dangerous characters who would see this turn into a huge destructive melee. That’s really not at all what it’s all about…


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