RLM News – October 21st, 2011

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Everything the government says is a lie. Everything the government does is designed to keep you enslaved, docile and dumbed down. In today's show, I go through several examples of this. This is nothing more than a very small sampling of the evils of government. I could do a show on this topic every single day with brand new examples of the tyranny. Governments are nothing more than the enforcement arm of the global banking cartel that actually are handing out the orders and running the show. Believing in the false authority of government keeps you asleep and enslaved.

The Video recording of the show is at the bottom of the post.

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News on Channel 1 – October 21st, 2011.

VIDEO: Gibson Guitar CEO on Obama: ‘He Lied’

Obama announces US leaving Iraq

US drone kills Gaddafi

Fracking Will Enable North Dakota to Overtake California as a Major Oil Producer

Six-figure salaries, but homeless


Navy to Kick Out 64 Sailors for Drug Use From Fleet That Buried Bin Laden

Auditor gave farm that produced tainted Rocky Ford cantaloupe top marks despite problems

Poll: How Many Nations Has America Invaded? Answer: Ten

Tennessee Becomes First State To Fight Terrorism Statewide

Democrats’ Next Jobs Message: Traffic, Potholes

Few Americans take immigrants' jobs in Alabama


Additional Links Not Covered during Live Broadcast

High income workers' share of total wages grows

Law Bans Cash for Second Hand Transactions

Auditor gave farm that produced tainted Rocky Ford cantaloupe top marks despite problems

Bill Would Make Discussing Drugs Abroad a Crime in U.S.

Obama Must Explain His Broken Promise on Medical Marijuana, and Soon

EU Wants Ratings Firms to Relent on Troubled Nations

Daily Digest 10/21 – BofA's Death Rattle, U.S. Dollar And Euro Review And Outlook, The Rip Van Winkle Market

Why Did the White House Cancel the Rose Garden Bill Signing Ceremony for the Free Trade Agreements?

Million ASP.Net web sites affected with mass SQL injection attack

Twitter chief: We will protect our users from Government





Law Bans Cash for Second Hand Transactions



Occupy Wall Street And Its CIA And Oligarchical Roots



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