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Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – Aug 13, 2023

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Grim Leftovers Podcast – 2020-04-27 – The Weimarization Of The United States

I decided to go a different way for today’s show. I’ve been watching all of the events going on that are being blamed on the supposed ‘Corona-Virus’ and doing my best to connect the dots between the over hyped ‘health emergency’ and imposition of a totalitarian military surveillance state. We, of course, are being told that they are doing this to ‘Protect us all’, which is of course total nonsense.

Anyway, I noticed many similarities between what is going on here in the United States (and in many other places around the world) and what I know of the events that led to the destruction of the Weimar Republic. In this show/podcast I try to draw some parallels to make it more clear (at least in my own mind). I call this the Weimarization of the United States.

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Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2019-02-01 – #CoconutMilk #Corruption #Governments #HealHumanity

“We Live in a SICK World!”

I keep hearing & seeing that……. but I disagree. “The World” is NOT Sick….. BUT….. There are some Truly SICK & BROKEN Individuals Walking on it! The Worst part is that Many of them are in Positions of Power a.k.a. Government…… and when you have Sick “Leaders” You WILL have a Sick Society!

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