RLM News – December 9th, 2011

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Are you a Prepper? I hope you are, your government hopes you’re not. In
fact, your government now wants to label you as a terrorist if you have
over 7 days worth of food in your cabinet, if you own any weapons, if
don’t agree with everything they say, if you are not totally dependent on them
to live and many other things. The idea of you thinking in a libertarian
manner is frightening to government, so they will Demonize you if that
describes you.

Government is not your friend. I’m sure I have made that statement
here several times before, but I can’t emphasize that point enough.
They want you to be dependent on them. They don’t want you to think for
yourself. They only want you to do as you’re told. However, they aren’t
even clear on what that means because they don’t know what they are
doing. One government department/agency will tell you one thing is right
while another department calls that action criminal.

I, being a huge lover of conspiracy theories, would love to believe
this all part of some great master plan, that the globalists know
exactly what they are doing, but the realist in me wont let me succumb
to that train of thought. It seems fairly obvious the government is a
huge group of incompetent, bumbling, keystone cops.

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Who Have Guns, Ammunition, 7 Days of Food Can Be Considered a Potential
Terrorist – Video

Report: Federal Agents Demand Customer Lists From
Food Storage Facility

G-20 Must Freeze The $1.5 Quadrillion Derivatives Bubble

soldiers kill a helpless sheep for fun
$1.4 Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Crisis & Growing
Paul – Let Me Get This Right

­Oath Keepers Alert: Federal Agents Demand
Customer Lists From Mormon Food Storage Facility

“New Nationalism” and the Corporate Economy

G-20 Must Freeze The $1.5 Quadrillion Derivatives

Government Opposes Bradley Manning Defense
Witness Requests

New EU deal leaves ECB nowhere to hide
European Politicians Slam British EU Veto

Links Not Covered during Live Broadcast

E*Trade, Scottrade, Fidelity Fine Print:
“All of My Securities May Be Repledged & Hypothecated &

Euro Fudge Distracts From Global Debt
Titanic; Intervention in Gold Market?

Bots flood Twitter with noise to drown out
anti-Kremlin tweets

Vladimir Putin accuses Clinton of inciting
protests in Russia

Ron Paul’s Army Eyes an Iowa Caucus Upset
Fear, speculation in Iran over military

Fear, speculation in Iran over military strike

Sarkozy: “The Risk That Europe Will Explode”
Bush Press Secretary Calls Ron Paul “Nuts”
Following 9/11 “Glee” Comments

NBC Nightly News Lead Story: Anti-Gold

the Wrong One, Mr. Gingrich

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