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Egypt Enters The Third Stage Of The Revolution, And No One Is Watching

The recent elections in Egypt now lead to a showdown between the two top vote getters on June 16/17.   The protagonists, Ahmed Shaiq (former PM for Mubarak and candidate of the military) vs. Mohammed Mursi (Muslim Brotherhood), pits two candidates most of the population really doesn’t want in the first place.   Kind of like Obama vs. Romney.   Where’s Ron Paul on the ballot, right?

The problem here is Egypt’s position on the timeline of revolution.    Egypt has gone through the 1st Stage of a government loosing its justification to govern, and now the 2nd Stage of a caretaker, or provisional government, is now coming to an end.   However, no accommodation has been created to correct the deficiencies that caused Egypt’s Spring Revolution, and that spells trouble.

Egypt is entering the 3rd Stage of Revolution, and its most violent.

Because now battle lines have been drawn over the dead carcass of a government that has failed.   The only thing that has changed is that it is a year later and the factions have become more polarized.

All ready, the 4th place candidate from the first round has protested the election as rigged, and there were a lot of irregularities on all sides.   But now followers of Mursi have pillaged and burned the Cairo election headquarters of Shaiq.   To think that the governing military junta, whose wealth is synonymous with the former Mubarak government they now run, are going to turn a blind eye if their man looses the election is unreasonable.

On the other hand, the Muslim Brotherhood is the majority in the Egyptian Congress, and to consider that they will accept the continued rule by the Mubarak/Military status quo is highly unlikely.   Especially, as the bankrupt condition of most of the country has not been addressed, which is what the revolution was all about, originally set off by the high price of food, due to the inflationary effects of the Federal Reserve Banks Quantitative Easing I.       

The point is, Egypt is about to go postal, joining Libya on its western border, Syria to the north, and Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen on the south and to the east.

The violence is expanding and will continue to do so.

With world markets focused on Europe, Greece, Spain (all the PIIGS), China, Iran, and the U.S., its still the unknown that reportedly keeps the worlds manipulators awake at night.   

I wonder how many of them think hard about Egypt at night?    That is a rhetorical question, because it’s just about zero, but I suspect that will be changing soon.

What is even more interesting as the wheels come off the Egyptian chariot, we have this same disparity in wealth and bankruptcy the world over everywhere.

Just as China’s politico/military rule is bankrupt saved only by its trading surpluses crafted from the pockets of Americans by a depressed Yuan, made possible by the enslavement of their population; the same holds true in America and Europe, where that same widening gap and creeping bankruptcy is represented not by the military, but by Wall Street.  The only difference between America, Europe, and the Chinese, is that the Chinese no longer question their enslavement, Europe is nearly placated, while  Americans (thank God), still retain the ability to rebel.   At least for now.

Beyond that, the condition is the same.

Egypt’s odds of slipping into the violence of the 3rd Stage of revolution within the next 30 days is over 90%.


Odds of the rest of the world following suit is over 50%.   Odds of the United States going over the high side is at 50%, and the world hinges upon what happens in the United States.

For if we remain on the road we are on, it is not a question of if, but of when.

Here is the situation in a nutshell.   The current governments of the world operate upon a tyranny based economic model, which is a model of eventual failure for two reasons.

First, because it requires the inefficiencies of coerced economic manipulation upon the general population by the faction that support the government to which the government owes its existence, and therefore must acquiesce.

Secondly, said faction consumes far more than it produces resulting in a spiraling deficiency of real wealth creation, which manifests itself by a growing fiscal gap between the wealthy faction elite and the masses.

The only alternative is a liberty based economic model, which is driven by its structured mechanization of governance that forces legislation and administration into deep and unhindered exposure to the nations citizens, through the Public Forum.

It is the transparency of the Public Forum that empowers the citizens to choose wisely and accurately those candidates placed before the electorate.   It is the definition of both liberty, and in its absence, tyranny.   For without this transparency the nation is rendered blind, elections become a rubber stamp, and the people no longer rule, but are ruled instead by the factions liberty is designed to replace.

It is only through this electoral transparency of the Public Forum that individual participants of the nation are permitted to conduct themselves in their own best interest.   It is only through this natural selection of self-interests, that collectively creates and provides the incentive to everyone to produce at maximum capacity, and is the only means by which to create surplus wealth for all.

America is, and always has been that pivot point upon which the survival of liberty has always depended and nothing has changed.   If America moves to liberty, so must the world.

However, if we Americans surrender to the factions that rule us all, we will have signed the death sentence of not only ourselves, but also the world.

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