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These are the links to the stories covered on the RLM News – 2012-11-08

Chicago anarchist sent to boot camp for lie about bomb
Chicago anarchist sent to boot camp for lie about bomb

How Barack Obama Secured the Most Important Voting Demographic: The Idiots

You Can’t Fix Stupid, But You Can Buy It For $8 Billion
The Peter Schiff Show (11/7/2012)
The founding fathers warned us years ago about the dangers inherent in democracy. They considered democracy to be tyranny of the majority. In fact, they actually referred to democracy as “mobocracry.” That is why they established the United States as a Republic. The Constitution guarantees to each state in the union a Republican form of government, and contains all sorts of safeguards to protect us from the evils of democracy. Unfortunately over the years, little by little, those safeguards have been torn down. The result has been every bit as disastrous as the founders feared.

Links to other Important Stories I didn’t have time to cover on the show

Boehner Nudge-Nudges Wink-Winks That GOP Would Allow Higher Taxes
Boehner Nudge-Nudges Wink-Winks That GOP Would Allow Higher Taxes

Solar System Shift

Our World is Changing: http://youtu.be/woVitezc-zU
Electromagnetic Event: http://youtu.be/uI10tKuLtFU
STARWATER: http://youtu.be/LiC-92YgZvQ

Links can be found in the citations for the three videos above.

2012 Election RIGGED – This is going Viral

Uploaded by on Feb 18, 2012

Evidence/Proof – 2012 Election Rigged Vote Fraud. Primary/Caucus/Maine. Doug Wead, Ben Swann, Reality Check, Rachel Maddow, Judge Napolitano.

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