RLM News Show Blog and Podcast – June 17, 2013

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Well ignorance is their power tool. You’ll only know what they want you to know. The television cannot lie. Controlling media with smokescreen eyes. Nuclear politicians picture show. The acting’s lousy but the blind don’t know.

They scare us all with threats of war. So we forget just how bad things are. You taste the fear when you’re all alone. They gonna git’cha when you’re on your own.

The silence of conspiracy. Slaughtered on the altar of apathy. You gotta wake up from your sleep. ‘Cause meek inherits earth…six feet deep.
Open your eyes see the lies right in front of ya. Open your eyes…..”

Open Your Eyes – Lords Of The New Church (1982)

These are the links to the stories covered on the RLM News Show – June 17, 2013

Full NSA access built into every Windows OS since 1997
Full NSA access built into every Windows OS since 1997

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WHISTLEBLOWER – feat. mc Edward Snowden [RAP NEWS 19]

A Rap News summary of the past week’s remarkable series of events. It started off as a slow news day, and a routine update on the state of the Free World Order with NSA Director General Baxter. But then the news broke of startling revelations from the fearless paladin of adversarial journalism, guardian of civil liberties, journalist Glen Greenwald, concerning a shadowy spying program called PRISM. Who is behind these revelations, and how should we view them? How will the Authorities, and the Corporations implicated, respond? Join Robert Foster for a whirlwind summary of the events in this ongoing saga… in Rap News 19

Links to other Important Stories I didn’t have time to cover on the show

Obama’s Syria Policy Looks a Lot Like Bush’s Iraq Policy
Obama’s Syria Policy Looks a Lot Like Bush’s Iraq Policy

Ron Paul on Obama’s Syria WMD Claim

Ron Paul on Obama’s Syria WMD Claim

FALSE FLAG WINDOW – Nerve Gas Drills On London Underground & Watch For Event By 4th July

Gas to be released on Underground to test fallout

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