This Is Not Breaking News

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This Is Not Breaking News

This has been coming for along time now. Some of us already knew this fact, some just now seeing it. The governmental systems trying to break us down. Each and every day we are poisoned and brainwashed. They tell us lies about what their plans are, though most of us see between the lines and find the truth.

If you look back in history at Executive Orders and Public Laws, you will find a lot of information that will blow some of your minds. I guess to see it in black and white is what most need before they will believe. I recommend if you have not already taken the time to look, please do so…

Everything has been lined up. They know we will fight back against them. Even in the event of a disaster caused, they know what to expect, but do you. If you look around as to what is going on these days, you will see so much more. There is a bigger picture to be seen. These laws they have set forth are for a reason.

Once you truly look inside their “Book of Lies”, so much more will be revealed. Everything is there, taking away our rights.. guns, speech, ect. The bursting into our homes and search and seizures, the dumbing down of you and me. Hell… even the brainwashing for us to consume and obey. It’s all there in black and white.

There are many whom have tried to get this information out, for so many years. Some of them have died trying, some actually from living a full life. But NONE gave up in spreadng the information. It is out there, if you just take the time to look. If you don’t gain the knowledge of what the Illuminati / New World Order have planned, no amount of gun power, food storage, or bug out places will save you.

Gain knowledge of what I speak of… protect you mind, body, and spirit.

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