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harry-browne-government-crutches Quotes by Harry Browne
“The government’s War on Poverty has transformed poverty from a short-term misfortune into a career choice.”
Harry Browne

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“Forcing people to be generous isn’t humanitarian, effective, compassionate or moral. Only acts that are truly voluntary for all concerned can be truly compassionate.”
Harry Browne

“The important thing is to concentrate upon what you can do – by yourself, upon your own initiative.”
Harry Browne

“But, actually, it is only Americans who say that our freedoms and prosperity are the reason foreigners hate us. If you ask the foreigners, they make it clear that it’s America’s bullying foreign policy they detest.”
Harry Browne

“Government is force, pure and simple. There’s no way to sugar-coat that. And because government is force, it will attract the worst elements of society – people who want to use government to avoid having to earn their living and to avoid having to persuade others to accept their ideas voluntarily.”
Harry Browne

“It is well known that in war, the first casualty is truth – that during any war truth is forsaken for propaganda.”
Harry Browne

“There was no military reason to drop atomic bombs on Japan. They were used as terrorist weapons – killing innocent people to influence other people.”
Harry Browne

These are the links to the stories covered on the RLM News Show – September 05, 2013

Putin Says John Kerry 'Is Lying. It's Sad'
Putin Says John Kerry ‘Is Lying. It’s Sad’

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Texas Hippie Coalition – “Pissed Off and Mad About It”

Texas Hippie Coalition – “Pissed Off and Mad About It”

Links to other Important Stories I didn’t have time to cover on the show

Chuck Hagel Urges House to “Act on Syria”
Chuck Hagel Urges House to “Act on Syria”

Network – We’re In A Lot Of Trouble!

From the Movie Network – Howard Beale – We’re In Lot Of Trouble!

Black Sabbath – War Pigs

Black Sabbath-War Pigs

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