Exclusive: Leaked Photos of Chemtrail Dispersal System

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These are photos and descriptions provided to me by a confidential informant of what appears to be a chemtrail dispersal system.
You be the judge, but it seems very likely that chemtrails are exactly what this system is for.

Pump Inlet and Outlet – This picture is of the
diesel motor that powers the system.
The pump itself is the big disc shaped thing to the left of the big cylinder sticking up with a hose coming out of it.

Ducts – These are the ducts the fluid travels to and from the pump in.

Tanks – Approximately 4 1/2 feet high and 5 1/2 feet long each.
They are installed on a cargo handling system in the main cabin, close to
the overwing exits. One tank is emptied through the widow plug on one side of the plane. Then the unit is switched over to the other tank, which sprays out of the other side of the plane.

Sprayer screws on end – This is the part that actually sticks out of the window plug.
The window plug is on the end that sticks out to show how it goes. Just behind the pipe beside the white bottle is the sprayer that screws on the end after the system is installed in the aircraft.

New window plug – The existing window plug is taken out and this one is put in.
The rubber somewhat seals around the pipe, but not well enough to pressurize the aircraft. It would be unable to fly above 10,000 feet unless everyone inside wore oxygen masks.

Sprayer Exhaust Closeup – This is the left side of the aircraft.
There is a sprayer coming out of one window plug, and an exhaust duct coming out of the other for the engine.

Sprayer Closeup – This is the right side of the aircraft with the sprayer installed.

Sprayer and Exhaust Installed – View from in front of the left wing.

This system explains so much. For years working in the industry I was always on the lookout for anything indicative of a sprayer system. I had a little doubt about the chemtrail story because I never saw evidence of a sprayer system in all the years I worked on airplanes. It didn’t dawn on me it would be removable. This system is made so that it can be installed quickly, used, and then removed as desired. When not installed, the aircraft can be used as a normal 737 cargo plane. The system can also be moved from one aircraft to another. Main cabin windows are held in by just a few screws. If I remember correctly, it is eight screws per window. Then put the other window plugs in. I have been told there is also accommodation for releasing a fluid tank from the drain for the deactivated aft lav. This is a 737 cargo plane that has been converted from a passenger plane. They are very common. The workers at the facility saw this thing on a test run in front of the hangar. Water was used in the test. It came out of the sprayers in a fine mist. If sprayed from several thousand feet, people on the ground would never know they had been sprayed. My friend said they were testing to see the spray pattern and next they were going to move the spray nozzles to the back windows and test again. Officially it is said to be a sprayer for oil dispersant. That was the second explanation. The first was that it was a big crop duster. The company realized the workers weren’t buying that, and laughing about it. They knew enough about aircraft to know that was impossible. So they changed the story. The supervisors in the plant call it a nigger-killer. (assholes!) The aircraft is going to be sent to Africa when it leaves this facility. When this facility was leased by another company, I worked there for 15 years. There was another aircraft that came through there years ago that requested BLOOD RESISTANT CARPET!!! The scary thing is, there was carpet like that available. Now you tell me why they would know they would need blood resistant carpet ahead of time??? Anyway, I just thought it was noteworthy that this plane was also bound for Africa.

Here is a link to a discussion on other aerial spraying systems:  Aerial Spraying

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100 thoughts on “Exclusive: Leaked Photos of Chemtrail Dispersal System

  1. OMG. you guys need to find a different conspiracy. there is no such thing as chem trails. There is no secret spraying program. These photos are all from different test equipment from where they are studying wake turbulence or icing. Go get a degree in aerospace engineering and spend some time in a lab. Either that or put on your tinfoil hat and return to the basement.

  2. There must be different set ups for the spraying apparatus. I’ve been looking around trying to figure out why they are spraying, to me it seems like this is what gives them there satellite footage and numbers to keep the global warming scam going.

    There’s a program that NASA runs that is linked to the spraying it’s called ACE Aerosol-cloud-ecosystem they even had pictures of it on NASA website but this was much bigger. That program is a branch from another program called GLORY, there claim is when sprayed there is alumina and other can’t recall the other parts to the mix.

    The alumina being highly reflective and able to absorbing the suns radiation and reflect the radiation back toward space. It’s main supposed purpose is for imaging the gases in the atmosphere I believe is how they put it. That makes absolute sense to me why global warming and this tie together it provides the data imagery we see on the front page of climate propaganda. http://dsm.gsfc.nasa.gov/ace/

    I don’t know about you but in sure.as he’ll not digging these proposed carbon taxes well any taxes for that matter, but talk about the biggest screw job in history the world bank group is backing the UN and the new sub stainable agenda. If you’re not familiar with the world bank group I don’t have to explain to much worlds largest most powerful bank next to the IMF. I don’t know about you but I think the banks have made out plenty good enough they can take there money and split town of this all matches up im getting the lynch rope.

    Also the US government has a patent from around the 60s. What I don’t like is fact if they are geo-engineering there also dumping carcinogenic particulate and I work with alumina from refractory high temp material used on boilers and kilns am so on and the stuffs extremely harmful. Don’t snow what you have read but here a good site to check out. http://www.chemtrailplanet.com/Patents.htm

  3. Yes.. chemtrails are real .. There is an ongoing aerosol program, that has been openly mentioned on all the main stream media outlets. Remember the last rocket launch to resupply the ISS? The main objective was to deliver a device that allows the powers-that-be to track aerosols released in the upper atmosphere. That was THEIR words… If you are waiting for the talking heads on the NBC nightly news to say “chemtrails are real” .. that ain’t gonna happen. They use their own venacular, we all need to learn what they are actually talking about…
    Personally I have yet to see a commercial airliner releasing aerosols – it’s always the strange looking unmarked and not on any of the flight tracking apps craft that I see and film.
    One last thing… CHEmtrails luminesce and fluoresce like crazy under night vision..CONtrails do not…

  4. This are excellent pictures; thank you very much.

    It’s certain that there are many different kinds of dispersal systems and mechanisms used in Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering, just as there are many different kinds of aircraft platforms carrying aloft .. there is also more than one Player involved, along with multiple Agendas —this is a HUGE, multifaceted, global attack on the biosphere of our world … don’t just skim the surface; dive DEEP.

    VERY little is as it seems

  5. To wrap up this interesting post, there is a revealing press release which confirms the conclusions made on Metabunk:

    So the RVL Group has developed an oil spill dispersant system that can be mounted in standard Boeing 737 freighter configurations.
    The primary client is the “UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency” but they hope to find more buyers.

    Nothing very sinister, in my view.

    1. Good one, Founded by the gov by a group from an island country, of 2 different islands, and named Reconnaissance …. Goes to show you, they are just trying to be ready in case of the next oil spill….

  6. Thanks for the additional proof and glad that you are not buying the BS! There is more evidence in the obvious dimming of the sun (after sprays) and elements in soil samples within natural forests like Mt. Shasta. In my area of SD, we used to have morning dew. No more! (Plants and trees are dying due to lack of moisture in the air.) IMHO, I think we are in trouble in CA and can expect large scale crop destruction due to aerial spraying along the coastlines. This sends clouds further to the midwest where farmlands are battling floods. Thus, the banks will soon be able to buy organic farmland cheap which is probably why we are being sprayed in the big picture. (The Phoenix Journals expose major protocols. This particualr operation seems to be coordinated by the UN under Agenda 21 which is to decrease population and/or cause a major disaster to declare marshal law and take away our constitution/guns.) Protect yourself, your family and your neighborhood. Please stay in a spirit of brotherhood. To be safe, start growing your own food in greenhouses (even if you are in an apartment and just have a terrace). Stay connected within your community. If we fight against each other, the NWO will win. if we stay united and armed, the people of the US will win! Google Phoenix Journals for more info. Spread the word…

  7. I stopped reading this garbage after the genius trying to prove this said “how can water vapor stay in the sky that long?”
    WHAT DO YOU THINK CLOUDS ARE??? Let these fools live a paranoid existence. Who cares.

  8. You guys could always check the US Patent office.. records division… any tech that has been created or used in the last 100 yrs will be there..with detailed, specifications ,maps,graphs, instructions, and paragraphs of boring but “informational” bullshit on what it does, how its used, and what its used for…but that depends on if its really being used for its stated purposes..i read all ur comments…got to say both are pretty valid..but present human nature says..people are dicks..and usually destroy the shit they come in contact with..one way or another..so ya cant really put chemtrails past em..the government has ruthlessly covered or tried to cover up much worse in its past..shit even in its present. im no psychic but if the patents for some type of chemical weather manipulation tech exist..then its not a theory anymore right? that would mean there actually doing it..and if the patent is still pending..then that means, they are using this device..and improving it over time..which would lead to elaborate but..convenient tests if it exists..its documented..any one with the cia could get that kinda documented info..each patent has and numerical id kinda like these…
    .3784099 – January 8, 1974 – Air Pollution Control Method

    3785557 – January 15, 1974 – Cloud Seeding System

    3795626 – March 5, 1974 – Weather Modification Process

    3808595 – April 30, 1974 – Chaff Dispensing System

    3813875 – June 4, 1974 – Rocket Having Barium Release System to Create Ion Clouds In The Upper Atmospphere

      1. that is just from the 70’s..you should see this decades list of new toys and gadgets..all sure to make Santa’s naughty list..but im not the expert..so ill leave it ot them..u guys have a goodmorning

        6110590 – August 29, 2000 – Synthetically spun silk nanofibers and a process for making the same

        6263744 – July 24, 2001 – Automated mobility-classified-aerosol detector

        6281972 – August 28, 2001 – Method and apparatus for measuring particle-size distribution

        6315213 – November 13, 2001 – Method of modifying weather

        6382526 – May 7, 2002 – Process and apparatus for the production of nanofibers

        6408704 – June 25, 2002 – Aerodynamic particle size analysis method and apparatus

        6412416 – July 2, 2002 – Propellant-based aerosol generation devices and method

        6520425 – February 18, 2003 – Process and apparatus for the production of nanofibers

        6539812 – April 1, 2003 – System for measuring the flow-rate of a gas by means of ultrasound

        6553849 – April 29, 2003 – Electrodynamic particle size analyzer

        6569393 – May 27, 2003 – Method and device for cleaning the atmosphere

  9. Weather modification has been happening for years in China and Russia – they used it for the Olympics – to stop the Chernobyl cloud and made it dump on others – (scientists have verified this in two of the 3 links I shared) and you can also pay to have the weather modified for yourself in Russia( they don’t like being so cold)

    Hr-2977 is legislative document from 2001 stating chemtrails as an exotic weapon

    I don’t think they are trying to kill us, (well not intentionally) but that they are messing with the weather and Mother Nature – combatting “climate change” you know what the president keeps pushing for.

    But you guys keep studying “contrails” ?

    1. You can’t change the climate by making clouds rain early.

      ‘Weather modification’ is a mighty boasting term; all they can do (and have done since around 1940) is to seed clouds.
      It’s not even remotely possible to actually create rain clouds. If there aren’t any around, there is nothing they can do.

      The trails that are called “chemtrails” are unrelated to cloud seeding – which is done at much lower altitudes.

      1. they most def can and do modify the weather beyond seeding clouds – how do they make sunny days in Russia? Maybe using “heaters” to blast the ionosphere would cause some changes idk we are all just trying to figure it out I guess – only time will tell. HAMP figured out how to make hurricanes and TCs stronger while they were trying to find out how to make them not as strong. Also how to steer them – you say that’s not weather modification? Mmmk

  10. Why is there a GO-PRO mounted onto the pipe in the one picture.
    You guys sure this is not a rig for a stunt of some kind.??

    1. The GO PRO may have been used during the test runs with water, to record the spray pattern.

      It’s hard to see though how they would spray anything and avoid making a mess on the aft fuselage and the tail section …

  11. i never actually see where the spray comes from if its the engines or tanks im sure they have different kinds of systems for spraying

    i clearly see the white jets that leave almost cotton candy like whip spray that lasts for entire days

  12. Commercial Jet was selected to modify the interior of a B757-200 for Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign. Same company ?

  13. I could care less what meta bunkers are debunking I don’t click on those sites cause it’s just about “contrails” I can look elsewhere for that.. this guy here explains it all very well. And again someone who has an answer for everything is full of bs!! you CAN NOT prove this is going on, you CAN NOT prove that it isn’t ? If “chemtrails” aren’t real then why did chemtrails get their name from the government? Some crazy person didn’t make it up.. The government did. Anyways blah blah blah is all you hear so for fellow people who care .. http://youtu.be/OJcB7yZpbtU

    Oh..I haven’t clicked on one link you have given(except your awesome hd photos) and I don’t plan on it. Nothing you say or show me will change my mind, just as nothing I say or show you will change yours. I’m interested in truth not your disinformation. You are not military – you know nothing of secret classified things – you are just a random 0 with a group of people who have the “better/smarter” than u attitudes that just like to show their balls. I mean brains. But here’s a clue you seemed to have missed J=J4Jenny . I saw you assumed I was a male so 😉 lol better get back to debunking you have your rep and your industry to protect! Leave us crazies to our nonsense this is just a lil ole page go on twitter like Mick- there’s thousands there that need your expert advise and knowledge of all things Science and contrails. ✌️

    1. Do you refer to the airman’s chemistry textbook 101 which was called “Chemtrails”?

      There is an “Air Force Cadet’s Handbook” re-released annually. Every cadet gets one. The name is “Contrails”.

      The title of the chemistry textbook was a pun on this. Nothing about spraying chemicals in there.

      Maybe you should read interesting postings from time to time even if they disagree with your belief. Do you think it will hurt you?


          1. It came from the government and I think it’s so hilarious that you guys keep throwing in UFO comments to try and degrade someone’s comments when the USA government has spent soooooooo much money looking for life elsewhere and trying to contact “aliens”

    1. Yes Mike and you still havent figured it out . Even Jay after wasting a good part of his pathetic life trying to disinform people life doesnt have a clue . Government shills .

      1. Actually, yes, “we” have. It just hasn’t been posted yet 🙂 And even if we were “government shills” that still doesn’t make us wrong.

        1. Then you know its Alabama not Miami ? Located at Dothan Regional Airport (DHN) in Dale County, Alabama, Commercial Jet’s 400,000-square-foot Dothan maintenance facility includes multiple hangars,

  14. For those interested short documentary. Mike – why are the words of these people less than yours? Why are their concerns and the concerns of thousands idiotic? All people want is the truth-from our government, those in power, those actually “doing/not doing” tests..not some random 0 with a couple of debunk websites. http://youtu.be/ymF6YkVJ-RY

    1. J4Jenny words are not worth anything – information is tho.
      And if someone speaks a load of rubbish then they are not actually imparting information – they are hiding it – they are making it harder for people to get accurate information.

      “Look up” is another piece of chemtrail disinformation – here is how their “Doctors data” and “provoked” urine tests are used to defraud people: http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/Tests/urine_toxic.html

      The film also claims that 8000 people died in Birmingham UK from chemtrails in a 3 week period in the 1999-2000 flu season (12 minutes 14 secs in the film).

      Stats from the UK show that less than 300 died across the WHOLE OF THE UK that season – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-12128100

      the kindest thing you can say about this sort of disinfo is that hey do not know what they are talking about – the unkindest thing is that they are deliberately lying.

      People like J often claim that debunking sites such as contrail Science and Metabunk “contain just enough info to make you think they have a little truth” or similar – and yet they are never able to point out what it is that is inaccurate.

      Chemtrail sites and “documentaries” such as “Look up” and WITWATS, on the other hand, are full of errors that are easy to spot.

      For the record I do not think the concerns of people who do not know what they are looking at are idiotic. People are right to be concerned.

      However “believers” are not right to feed them wrong information in order to turn concern into fear – that is, at best, misleading. And when those “believers” know full well that what they are spreading is not true it is actually dishonest and actually dangerous – it builds up quite frightening reactions – there are people posting all over the place about wanting to shoot down chemtrailing aircraft, shine lasers at them, etc.

      Sure 99.9999….% of these are blowing off steam – but it will only take 1 person to act on all this false information to cause a tragedy – and the more heated and strident and uncaring of actual evidence the chemtrail believers become then IMO the more likely it is that will happen.

  15. I don’t think they are on commercial planes these pics show all the windows whited out no option to open or close. 😉 and you are the one reading the article someone holding a gun to your head to make you read this stuff? Nope, you forced yourself lol

  16. I’m sure that if these planes were spraying everywhere as claimed then passengers would notice a big diesel engine starting up and a couple of pipes hanging out the side. Its absolutely laughable and a bit sad that apparently sane people would believe this crap. Come on guys, you should stop trying to force your paranoid beliefs into reality with such illogical theories.

    1. No these planes spray a undetectable substance and when commercial aircraft pass through the substance the jet engine sucks it it and it adds condensation nuclei to the exhaust plume creating artificial clouds or persistent contrails or as some say Chemtrails . One jet sprays the others just pass through the substance .

  17. I’ve given you evidence, I’ve given you links things to look up. Maybe if you can wipe some of Micks bs off your face you could see. Or maybe do some of your own searching..I believe it doesn’t matter what anyone says to you anyway Mike, you are a sheep so just go follow your heard and leave the “crazies” alone in their “craziness” Why do you care so much? You getting paid like Mick?
    ps slavery is slavery no matter the type 😉 God Bless you on your journey

    1. And as we’ve discussed none of your evidence actually shows that chemtrails exist now at all. So thank you for it – but you’ve already admitted that it doesn’t show what you originally claimed, so why repeat it?

      You said before that Mick West gets paid and failed to actually back that up with any evidence – how about it now – do you have any evidence or are you just making stuff up in the hope that some of it sticks??

      I do this because the chemtrail hoax slanders me. I am an aircraft mechanic, and I have worked on aircraft that leave persistent contrails – I know this because those were the Boeing 737’s that were the first domestic jets in New Zealand in 1968 and that is when contrails started being common there. Then in 1976 I started an apprenticeship as an aircraft mechanic with New Zealand National Airways Corporation and worked on those same aircraft. In my years there I worked on airframes and engines. I overhauled their fuel systems. And I saw them leave contrails spanning the horizons.

      So I know for an absolute fact that those aircraft could do this with no untoward or secret modifications, and nothing added in the fuel. So now I see fearmongering and ignorance being used to push the chemtrail hoax and I see no reason to sit back and let people like you spread lies and slander about me and my industry.

      1. You haven’t given me any evidence that it’s not happening so touché 😉 so you are a mechanic so what?!? You know everything that is going on in the air at all times of the day?many pilots, ex military, doctors, scientists, weather personal all think trails are real I’m sorry u just can’t grasp the reality of things. Give me proof 100% no doubt proof there is nothing going on. Oh wait you can’t- nobody can cause in the realness – it’s classified.. hoorah!

        Why do I think Mick is paid? Who in their right mind would sit on their computer hours at a time day after day, combatting chemtrails on twitter and any other site he can stick his nose in.. lol a millionaire at that. Yeah either he is crazy or gets paid. Could be both.

        You gotta stand up for contrails? You and your industry? LOL Battle all the crazy believers! how bout go feed the hungry- seek Jesus, do something good cause obviously people will keep believing what they want 😉 You gonna be battling for a long time there are more believers than not. And ps I’m talking about military aircraft you worked on USA/foreign Military owned aircraft? Get specific orders on what to do did ya! You seem to know everything for fact..another sign of a bs debunker with diarrhea of the mouth. The only thing that is certain is nothing is certain

  18. What you also believe slavery isn’t still around Mike? How blind you must be, no testing from years ago doesn’t mean they are doing it now, but it also doesn’t mean they aren’t. This is a recent news cast.. Here’s something your government did secretly and still won’t – un classify all documents. Happy sheeping http://youtu.be/r0ew59jYCUg they might not be testing stuff, but they might be too. The president constantly pushing for climate change control really means nothing at all. Or doessss it?? the world may never know 😉

    1. I’m pretty sure they do burn “cleaner” – ie more efficiently (less fuel for the same thrust) than they did 40 years ago.

      But water vapor from burning hydrocarbons is not a matter of efficiency – if you burn 1 gallon of fuel you get about 1.24 gallons of water – regardless of how much thrust (or horsepower) you generate.

      And jets today are much, much bigger with much larger engines – a 777 has 180-200,000 lbs thrust available – a 707 or DC-8 had 45-75,000 lbs thrust – so even if eth 777’s engines are twice as efficient they are still burning more fuel than the 707 or DC-8.

      this paper – http://www.theicct.org/sites/default/files/publications/ICCT_Aircraft_Efficiency_final.pdf suggests that the fuel burn per tonne-km and per seat-km has halved since 1960 – ie efficiency has doubled

      that means that if there was just as much freight & passengers being carried per a/c then 10 times as many a/c would still be burning 5 times as much fuel as in 1960.

      This ICAO page http://www.icao.int/sustainability/Pages/Facts-Figures_WorldEconomyData.aspx seems to show that in fact the number of seat-km’s has grown by something between 50-100 fold since 1960!! (the 1960 point looks to be something about 50-100 – the 2012 point is over 5000)

      So in actual fact a doubling in efficiency has been offset by massive growth, and so it seems like maybe 25 times as much fuel is being burned!!

    2. I said CHATTEL slavery – the legal ownership of persons as property, and I was referring to the USA, as I indicated.

      And you are correct that testing from years ago dose not mean they are not doing it now – however you put it forth as evidence that they ARE doing it now – which I am happy to see you understand it is not.

      What would be evidence they ARE doing it now is stuff like this blog – if it can be shown that this is actually some secret program of some sort.

      the headline on that video is an outright lie – there were certainly tests – but genocide?? really?? Why lie like that when it is so easily disproved?? How many people died from the tests?

      Here’s the NAP toxicology assessment of the Zinc-cadmium sulphide used – http://www.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=5739&page=38 conclusion: it is not toxic at all.

      The British did similar tests and also examined the toxicology when this was revealed – http://pubmedcentralcanada.ca/pmcc/articles/PMC1740210/pdf/v059p00013.pdf

      conclusion from that:

      About 4600 kg ZnCdS were dispersed from aircraft and ships, at times when the prevailing
      winds would allow large areas of the country to be covered. Cadmium released from 44 long range
      trials for which data are available, and extrapolated to a total of 76 trials to allow for trials with incomplete
      information, is about 1.2% of the estimated total release of Cd into the atmosphere over the same
      period. “Worst case” estimates are 10 μg Cd inhaled over 8 years, equivalent to Cd inhaled in an
      urban environment in 12–100 days, or from smoking 100 cigarettes. A further 250 kg ZnCdS was dispersed
      from the land based sites, but significant soil contamination occurred only in limited areas,
      which were and have remained uninhabited. Of the four personnel involved in the dispersion procedures
      (who were probably exposed to much higher concentrations of Cd than people on the ground),
      none are suspected of having related illnesses.

      If there is any evidence to contradict these then by all means let’s have a look at it – how many people died? How many got sick??

  19. All I know is that I remember when the sky was not full of these trails. Something has changed. When you see a quickly dissipating contrail at the same altitude as a lingering chemtrail (or whatever you want to call it), it does raise some concern and lend legitiimacy to the theory. I am no newbie on the subject, but pointing out that simple fact amongst many to the debunker will probably cause him/her to go back to their handler for further orders.

    1. How do you know they are at the same altitude?

      When I was a kid in the 1960’s I remember when jets started flying overhead because persistent contrails started to be left that would span the horizon, and still be there when the plane flew back the other way an hour or 2 later.

      Now there are 10 times as many jets as there were then – meaning 10 times as many contrails!

      1. 10 times as many jets that should be burning much cleaner then years ago . Yet on Metabunk less than a hundred photos of older Contrails . I see more in one day then posted on the entire older contrail form . Micks hobby my ass , 1.5 million dollar house in Venice Ca .

  20. Ps..Here is some science for you, if you can watch the whole thing that is.. Talks of all the ways they are proposing to “cool the planet” http://youtu.be/0lKcWtSi-d0 actual meeting of doctors, scientists, people doing the studies. If you can watch it all, I bet you will think twice.

  21. Chemtrails have been around for decades! if you had a brain and really cared, you would search for the truth yourself like, oh what about 1960 chemical trials in Norwich that USA was a part of – government giving people LSD without their knowledge to see what it would do to them. Modifying vans, ships, planes to dump on unknowing Victims. You are taught to love and trust your country. How, why would they do all this? We are rats in their studies! As they try to save the planet from climate change..chemtrails in the science world equals SOLAR RADIATION MANAGEMENT. You can call me names and blah blah but I’m the one laughing at you 😉

    1. All that is reason for suspicion – but it is not evidence that anything is actually happening no, or for the last 15 years or so of the chemtrail theory. And all those people discussing how SRM might be carried out – yeah, sure, there are lots of people putting forth ideas how it MIGHT be done.

      If you cannot see that none of this actually shows that anything is actually being done NOW then I’m afraid your laughter at me just looks a bit maniacal!!

      1. If you think all they have been doing is talking about it and not testing it for decades then you might be the maniac 😉

        1. Why is that? It is a complicated topic, and scientists (overall) are by no means sure that SRM would do more good than harm, and they are completely aware of the harm is would do – that is clearly identified in the links you used.

          So they model it – they look at “natural” examples. They measure and analyse what information is available.

          It is only a simple mind that thinks that they must have been testing something “for decades” and yet there is not a single piece of evidence available from “all that work” – no papers, no whistleblowers – not even Megan whats-her-name who was prepared to be identified actually had any verifiable evidence of anything except some chemical contamination on a military base where industrial processes were carried out – and that wasn’t even secret!!

        2. Mike C is Just a Metabunk shill . Mike Campbell New Zealand is a Metabunk shill . Disinformation is the Game . No truth just disinformation agents

          1. Did you have any actual evidence to support your assertions, or is calling me names as far as it goes??

          2. Mike C : Well this isnt Metabunk where Mick bans people who disagree with him or dont agree with his leftist atheist lies . He should move back to the UK with the rest of the wankers , He only left to avoid steep taxes after he sold out of Neversoft http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neversoft .

          3. Dick East,
            nobody was ever banned for disagreeing on Metabunk. Do you have evidence to the contrary?

            There is a politeness policy enforced though – which makes for the most civil discussions that you can get when it comes to conspiracies. Even debunker get temporary bans if they don’t comply with the (simple) politeness rules.

          4. Mindless media junkies like yourself will only believe something if its on CNN…the facts are out there toolshed, take some time to look into it yourself. Instead of shooting down every last bit of fact that others post…effin mind numbing in this shit tonight!!

  22. All this talk about chemtrails and how this is being done but no mention as to what “they” are spraying..over who and for what reason…There are massive sprayers on farms all over america. Everyone has spray bottles in their homes for a myriad of objectives…more conclusive information as to the negativity of all of this please…I do know that there are cloud seeding sprays used to alter weather and a HARP system used for a variety of reasons, but this needs more logical explanation. I am all for any spraying of the populations of the world that would make us kinder, smarter and healthier…Bring it on Buckwheat!!!!

      1. WITWATS is a complete waste of time – 90 minutes of talking heads, 1 sample of “sludge” examined that has the sort of composition you expect from DIRT – and that is supposedly “proof” of chemtrails?? seriously?? No attempt is even made to show how this “sludge” is actually linked to any “spraying” – it is pathetic!

  23. So the guy who took these photos supposedly worked here for 15 years, provides details about the system and where the plane was being transported etc…. and does not provide the name of the FBO / repair facility /nor does he provide photos of the tail area where the reg # would be.

      1. REally? They are killed over this kind of stuff? How do you know? People being killed over leaking information in itself seems like a conspiracy theory. Why would anyone fabricate a “chemtrail disperser” with a neon green bezel that just shouts “look at me”!?

        And for that matter, the person fabricating it is obviously the one taking photos as you can see the work in progress over what would be a timeline of hours/days.

        Why do we see posts like this exclusively on websites that claim to reveal conspiracies and not the “real” media. Is it because the real media is ran by the very same people who are hiding it from us? I sort of doubt it…If the government was trying to spray s with weird chemicals wouldn’t we be seeing a lot more figureheads wearing gasmasks throughout the day? Or do they have an antidote?

        It’s movie bullshit and you all need to get a hobby, or move to Canada, because no matter what you think you reveal, you will always have something else to find that is “ruining our country” when in truth the country is shit because we are a bunch of lazy, greedy, racist white people.

        1. Youre hilarious…keep looking down at your iphone/android troll hound…whatever you do dont look up!! Its common knowledge these days that people whistleblowers are on govt hit lists…when Snowden released his leaks high ranking military personnel immediately talked about taking him out. What fairy tale are you livin in man? This is movie shit? Not likely!!

          1. Gary, I was in those Snowden meetings….I don’t remember you being there. We talked about “taking him out” for coffee, to talk things over. You sir, are a moron, an alarmist, a moron, and a dipshit. Keep proving the point that that your kind should never breed lest we end up with more like you.

    1. The photos are high quality and some info can be gleaned by zooming in – the bags of parts look like they are labeled “ECAS Inc” – which is a parts supplier in Miami. The blue tug in the background seems to have “COMM????JET” – this might be “Commercial Jet” which also has a base in Miami.

  24. I wish I knew more folks, but this all I have, no additional information was imparted to me. So you know exactly what I know regarding the system pictured in these photos. The person who gave me this was very nervous about handing it over.

  25. Hey, you..yeah, you, the ones who say “It never comes from the windows”…How the fuck do you know? Are you in the air flying 100 feet off the port of the aircraft when it releases the chemicals? Fuck no, you’re not. You’re staring at it from the ground, FROM UNDERNEATH thinking you can see where the shit’s coming from from 10,000 or so feet away. If you can see that shit, you must have the eyes of an elf…or you’re just full of shit, which is the most likely explanation.

    1. William..Please..never post something so ridiculous..ever again..The amount of stupidity in that paragraph was enough to give me a migraine. There’s trolling..and then there’s just being plain stupid..lol..

    2. William, please keep commenting. I havent laughed this hard since I visited a UFO site a couple of weeks ago. Your demonstration here today of your inferior intelligence is just second to none!

      1. Funny none of those high quality pictures are able to show anything above the wing area where this posts photos are showing the placement of the dispersal tubes.

        1. Plenty of them do show hte area above the wing – and yes indeed there is no rather clumsy looking “spray apparatus” visible when they do show those areas.

          That is probably an indication that it isn’t there!!

          And if it was it would be rather out of place in all those passenger aircraft making contrails….

          So yeah – well spotted!

    3. I’ve seen scores of aircraft inflight that are conning and none have had “sprayer” systems. And what does “100 feet off the port of the aircraft mean?” Do you mean flying in formation or intercepting? Yes, done that, too. Sometimes “port,” sometimes “starboard.” FYI, we stopped using those terms for aviation generally b/c the AF wasn’t good at them.

      You can believe in whatever you like but those of us in the know (military aviation, civil aviation and aerospace engineers) will simply be amused by you. Probably the same people who believe TWA800 was shot down by the US Navy.

  26. i have never seen a photo of a trail coming from a window. They come from the engines, the tails, the wings. How do you explain that no trails come from windows?

  27. If it’s truly like that, shouldn’t there be much more photos of such planes and machines, more whistleblowing? I thought they just mix some shit into the fuel, so that nobody involved really thinks twice? Pipes coming out of the plane would make it obvious for everybody.

    1. Can you see the windows right above the wings on planes in the air? No! The wings hide it also to make it look like it’s coming out of the jets as natural “contrail” search hr 2977 (2001) chemtrails are listed there as an exotic weapon

    2. Yeah, someone Photoshop cause they want to start conspiracy theories. It’s well known and state gov’t s actually have weather modification in their budgets. Easy to find companies that do cloudseeding using this very equipment.

    3. So, this is one of the better video presentations. A few facts are the 150 patents for geoengineering, public documents. The materials are showing up in water and soil samples. Now do you think not one company conducted a test for these patents? if so they would probably be the first EVER. A guy at work said he wouldn’t believe unless the gov. announces it, so he will be waiting quite awhile. It will probably be like the radiation they fed people, in 30 years it comes out. So are you naïve, ignorant, or possibly a troll? I’ll admit I was skeptical at first also until I started watching them do it, it’s generally on warmer than average, sunny high pressure days. If you can’t take some time to watch the sky then you really can’t post either way.


  28. so how come nothing like this is ever actually seen on aircraft spraying chemtrails? do you have the registration number for this one??

        1. That’s strong allegations – Mick West is certainly the owner of contrail science and Metabunk – but “Paid debunker”? Paid by who? What debunking dose he do that is ACTUALLY WRONG?

          1. Mick west searches twitter all day to combat the “chemtrail” believers. He says it’s a hobby. Sure. I didn’t say anything was wrong with his site and I will tell you just like I told him – he knows plenty about contrails and nothing about the truth. 😉 everyone used to believe the world was flat thank god for those few crazy people who searched for the truth.

            + How can you say testing hasn’t been done when its been proven people were sprayed from planes, boats, & vans without their knowledge. In the 50s and 60s at that. Just imagine what they are capable of now, and how easy it is to fool nations of zombies. Look at what Hitler did.

          2. Reply to J as there seems to be no “reply” button on his post of December 2, 2013 at 9:25 pm

            Why did you bring Hitler into it?? And why oh why do people insist that something done 40-50-60 years ago is proof of what is being done today?? 160 years ago slavery was legal in the US – is that evidence there is chattel slavery TODAY?? No it is not!

            Spraying “stuff” from aircraft is not very difficult to do – it has been easy since soon after aircraft stared flying. “What they could do now” is easy to state – but where is the evidence that they ARE doing it??

            Mick West has an open invitation to tell him what is wrong on any of his pages – have you done so?

          3. Mick West is a shill. He never explains a ton of the visually confirmed nuances in chemtrails. For example, when you see a trail start, stop, and start again. Then it might stop, and start one more time. Is that the pilot turning the engine on and off. No. In his first few seconds on the Joe Rogan show, he lies. He’s a liar.

          4. Mike C would you either wake up or stop being a fricken troll about something that has been PROVEN w/o a doubt to be going on! Lawsuits have been filed & ACCEPTED in the courts & the president has even briefly mentioned the Geo Engineering of the sky Bill as mountains of evidence already exists! Mick West!? He is paid by the CIA & their troll fund & has hired him & about 100 or so other computer NERDS with no life, which they advertised for out of Colorado Springs a few years back, & hired to spread dis-info & divide the recently woken up populace.

          5. “where is the evidence that they ARE doing it??” The evidence you seek is in the skies directly above you…look up once in a while…there is no way in hell that is natural!! How exactly can water vapor linger in our skies for hours, making what basically amounts to a chess board, and then slowly dissipate into a nasty haze? If this is water vapor, why is it such a recent phenomenon? Why hasn’t water vapor always done this…sorry to say it man, but you’re in complete denial…time to wake up The shit we see in our skies is in no way a natural occurrence…this shit is man made, and for a reason. Whether or not that reason is malicious remains to be seen.

          6. He is paid by those who are spraying… you silly goose.
            Keep it secret so they can keep making profits on it.

        2. Oh come on… Just cause you don’t agree with what he said he’s obviously a “paid shill” though you can produce no evidence of this. You just get half corked cause your panties are in a bunch that he’s proven 90% of the chemtrail theories wrong. (Probably closer to 99.99999% but who’s counting?).

          Every time someone answers your question, you respond with “He’s a shill” if you don’t like the answer. I am a “conspiracy theorist” and damn proud of it. I’ve spent the last 10 years actually researching the chemtrail phenomena (unlike yourself who constantly points to “Paytriot” websites the basically through science and evidence out the window in turn for fear porn in order to sell overly priced water filters and tangy arsenic drinks).

          I’ve done the evidence. I’ve interviewed the pilots, military, meteorologists and they all come back with the same answer. In the exception that these trails are caught on radar, it has been the military playing with new methods of chaff. The other 99% of the time it’s condensation from the atmosphere. It’s basic science, and its real damn annoying you paytriot a**holes come around waving your shill flag all the time while regurgitating the same B.S. someone else told you.

          The only ones accusing Mick West of being a “paid debunker” are those that are too invested in their own BS to hear reason and work on the real conspiracies out there, not the fluff you’ve been fed by the true paid disinformation people.

          1. “Wow.” You insult my, and any others whom has half a brain.
            I’m not buying into your act for one second.

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