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At the Situationally Aware Action Oriented Intelligence Center
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What Can You Do ’bout It?

Don’t Agree

The International Encroachment From Within

  • McCain’s Kremlin Ties He may talk tough about Russia, but John McCain’s political advisors have advanced Putin’s imperial ambitions.Yet despite McCain’s tough talk, behind the scenes his top advisers have cultivated deep ties with Russia’s oligarchy–indeed, they have promoted the Kremlin’s geopolitical and economic interests, as well as some of its most unsavory business figures, through greedy cynicism and geopolitical stupor.
  • Rabbi Claims Ukraine’s Jews Might Be Victimized Even Though Jews Helped Orchestrate Ukrainian Uprising There was a fairly humorous article published by Haaretz recently.  Apparently there is a Ukrainian rabbi named Moshe Reuven Azman telling Jews in Kiev to flee the city fearing that violence might be directed against Ukraine’s Jews.  The reason why this is so funny is because the Ukrainian uprising that has taken place was largely ran and supported by Jews.

“God’s timing is perfect”

  • Génesis Carmona: Estos serían los sujetos que dispararon durante marcha (FOTOS)  Carmona Genesis: These would be the individuals who shot during March (PHOTOS)  In social networks appeared several images of motorized shooting subjects against a student march on Valencia Avenue Cedeño. They Carabobo. One of the bullets hit the back of the skull of Genesis Carmona (23), who died hours later at a clinic in the state of Carabobo.
    The images observed that subjects were armed, after being encouraged to attack the protesters by Diosdado Cabello, president of the National Assembly, confirmed the governor of Carabobo, Francisco Ameliach.
  • Génesis Carmona: Aparece video poco antes de ser baleada durante protesta (VIDEO)  Carmona Genesis: Video appears shortly before being shot during protest The fatal attack took place when the march route from the Cedeño Valencia Avenue to the Plaza de Toros Monumental in this southern city.
    Carabobo. In the video dozens of demonstrators protesting against the government of Nicolas Maduro in the city of Valencia and gunshots are heard appreciated.
    One of the bullets hit the back of the skull of Genesis Carmona. Another video shows transfer on a motorcycle at a clinic after being wounded.
    Despite medical aid, Miss Tourism 2013 Carabobo died from severe head injuries. His death has generated consternation in the city.
  • Génesis Carmona posteó esta última imagen poco antes de morir durante una protesta  She hit the streets with hundreds of their peers who claimed to insecurity and shortage, consequences of the economic crisis in Venezuela.
    Carabobo. In his fanpage published what would be his last picture with two female friends holding a sign saying. “God’s timing is perfect, but if we go out, time is eternal Maduro” free
    Carmona is the fifth person to die in Venezuela in the riots, which began on 12 February, when a student march was attacked by violent groups that left three dead.
  • Video protestas en Valencia donde le disparan a Génesis Carmona 18/02/2014  Video protests in Valencia where to shoot read Genesis Carmona 02/18/2014
  • Momento en el que trasladan a Génesis Carmona a la clínica 18/02/2014 #SOSVenezuela At which move to Genesis clinic 18/02/2014 Carmona # SOSVenezuela

Persecution is “Just Enforcing The Laws”

  • DOJ Tells Supreme Court: Homeschool Persecution Not a Problem  The Obama administration appealed and has subsequently opposed granting the family asylum protection. The 6th Circuit Court agreed with the Obama administration, saying that Germany was just enforcing its law.

    After he initially declined to reply to the Romeikes’ original petition, the Supreme Court ordered U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to respond.

    In the response, Justice Department lawyers argued that Germany was not specifically persecuting homeschoolers, but enforcing laws that apply to everyone.

Mission Accomplished

  • DNI James Clapper: Mission Accomplished! James Clapper has one, one and only regret: We should have told the American public they were being surveilled right from the start. He says that if they’d just announced it publicly after 9/11 “most Americans would probably have supported it.

    In an exclusive interview with The Daily Beast, Clapper said:

    “I probably shouldn’t say this, but I will. Had we been transparent about this from the outset right after 9/11—which is the genesis of the 215 program—and said both to the American people and to their elected representatives, we need to cover this gap, we need to make sure this never happens to us again, so here is what we are going to set up, here is how it’s going to work, and why we have to do it, and here are the safeguards… We wouldn’t have had the problem we had,” Clapper said.

The Occupier On Our Soil

  • North Carolina Appeals Court Upholds Traffic Stop Without An Offense  For the first time, police in North Carolina are allowed to turn on their lights and siren to pull over any motorist, even when they have done nothing wrong. In a ruling last month, the North Carolina Court of Appeals for the first time in the state created a “community caretaking” exception to the Fourth Amendment. It was used to convict Audra Lindsey Smathers.
  • “Smart Cities  Tech giant Cisco thinks there’s something to all this talk of ”smart cities”–and that connecting roads or license plate readers to the Internet is going to be big business.
    In the latest installment of their ongoing expansion into the Internet of Things, Cisco recently announced an agreement with Swiss security firm AGT International to develop smart traffic systems for cities around the world.

Doing Violence On Our Soil Unaccountably

  • Dr. Simona Tibu is Brutally Beaten During Traffic Stop by Sheriff and then Charged with Assault  The officer violently hit the driver’s side window of the vehicle. She said that if he continued to hit her window so violently, she would not roll it down, as she felt she was in danger.
     The officer became unhinged by her demands. “He became violent,” Tibu said.
    She began recording the incident on her cell phone. That’s when he ordered her out of the vehicle, and began punching her in the groin, breasts and backside.
    Tibu screamed, hoping someone would help her, but that just made the officer “even more aggressive.”
    She says that is when he smashed her head onto the pavement, soaking her in blood.
  • Support Your Local Slave Patrol Bear, who had called the police in the tragically mistaken belief that they would help her, was charged with three felonies: “obstruction” – refusal to stiff-arm customers in order to attend to an impatient cop; “escape” – daring to pull her hand out of the shackles that had been placed upon her without lawful cause; and “aggravated assault” – impermissible contact with the sanctified personage of a police officer as a result of being violently dragged out of the car by the “victim’s” comrade. From that perspective, all citizens are incipient slaves, subject to detention, abduction, and other abuse at the whim of uniformed slave-keepers.
    A slave is somebody who cannot say “no” – as in, “No, I can’t talk to you right now because I’m on the clock and there are paying customers ahead of you.” This is because the slave doesn’t exercise self-ownership in any sense in the presence of a slave-keeper.
    A slave-keeper is somebody who claims the legal right to take ownership of another person at his discretion, and use physical violence to compel submission.
  • 4 Cops Dispatched to Arrest a Girl for Jogging without an
    He wobbled after her and grabbed her by the arm. Startled, and not knowing it was a cop, she jerked her arm away.
    The cop viewed this as resisting arrest and proceeded to grab both arms tightly, placing her in handcuffs. She repeatedly pleaded with them saying that she was just exercising and to let her go.
  • The moment woman jogger in headphones is knocked to the floor and handcuffed by cops because she didn’t hear when they tried to ticket her for jaywalking  A moment later, a pair of uniformed cops, joined by two more cops on bikes, could be seen placing the sobbing woman into the back of a squad car, with her pleading and shrieking at the top of her lungs.
    ‘I didn’t do anything wrong! I didn’t do anything wrong! she said repeatedly. ‘I didn’t f***ing do anything wrong! I just crossed the street.’
  • Updated: LAPD Police Chief Art Acevedo apologizes for comments regarding jogger arrest  Austin police chief Art Acevedo apologized for a comment he made during a press conference regarding the arrest of Amanda Jo Stephen, who was arrested Thursday after crossing the intersection of 24th and San Antonio streets.

    In the press conference Friday, Acevedo said the public had overreacted to the incident.

    “In other cities there’s cops who are actually committing sexual assaults on duty, so I thank God that this is what passes for a controversy in Austin, Texas,” Acevedo said.

  • 8 L.A. officers won’t be punished for firing 103 times on two unarmed women  While guarding a high-ranking officer they feared was on Dorner’s hit list, the officers happened upon two women who were delivering newspapers in a blue Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. The officers apparently mistook the truck for Dorner’s, even though he drove a charcoal Nissan Titan pickup truck.
    With no warning, the eight officers unleashed a hail of bullets, firing 103 times at the truck carrying Margie Carranza and her 71-year-old mother Emma Hernandez. Carranza, then 47, was cut by flying glass, her mother was shot in the back. Miraculously, both women survived.
    None of officers will be fired, or even suspended for failing to identify themselves as police or to ensure the car was indeed Dorner’s before opening fire. They will only be required to take a little more training.

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