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The Weekend War Report


The Weekend War Report


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The Victory Against You in the Silent War is Your Silence
The Fallibility Of The Infallible

Green Pope Faithful – Financial and Economic

  • Pope Francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and US churches   The Universal Religion Détente, T.U.R.D. 
    “countries will try to conclude 20 years of fraught negotiations with a universal commitment to reduce emissions.” 

    According to Vatican insiders, Francis will meet other faith leaders and lobby politicians at the general assembly in New York in September, when countries will sign up to new anti-poverty and environmental goals.

    In recent months, the pope has argued for a radical new financial and economic system to avoid human inequality and ecological devastation.

    In October he told a meeting of Latin American and Asian landless peasants and other social movements: “An economic system centred on the god of money needs to plunder nature to sustain the frenetic rhythm of consumption that is inherent to it.
    “The system continues unchanged, since what dominates are the dynamics of an economy and a finance that are lacking in ethics. It is no longer man who commands, but money. Cash commands. 

    The arguments are around economics and science rather than morality.

    “A papal encyclical is rare. It is among the highest levels of a pope’s authority. It will be 50 to 60 pages long; it’s a big deal. But there is a contingent of Catholics here who say he should not be getting involved in political issues, that he is outside his expertise.”

    Francis will also be opposed by the powerful US evangelical movement, said Calvin Beisner, spokesman for the conservative Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, which has declared the US environmental movement to be “un-biblical” and a false religion.

    “The pope should back off,” he said. “The Catholic church is correct on the ethical principles but has been misled on the science. It follows that the policies the Vatican is promoting are incorrect.

  • Papal conclave: Will cardinals elect another ‘green pope’?

    Pope Benedict XVI espoused environmental justice and renewable energy in his nearly eight years as pontiff. Will the cardinals choose another ‘green pope’ to follow Pope Benedict XVI?  Pope Benedict XVI made environmentalism a central theme of his nearly eight years as Bishop of Rome, earning him the nickname “the green pope.” With the conclave underway, it’s possible that legacy will have some sway over the 115 red-robed cardinals charged with choosing a new pope. “It’s not unlike the realization a few decades ago that social justice isn’t a side issue for Christianity but a central aspect of it that flows out of our relationship to a loving God concerned for all people,” wrote Robin Gottfried, director of the University of the South‘s Center for Religion and Environment in Sewanee, Tenn., in an e-mail. “[B]ecause many young people are greatly concerned about the environment and sustainability – by addressing these concerns the church also will position itself to address the youth and help stanch the flow of youth out of the church.”

  • Climate change belief given same legal status as religion  An executive has won the right to sue his employer on the basis that he was unfairly dismissed for his green views after a judge ruled that environmentalism had the same weight in law as religious and philosophical beliefs. In a landmark ruling, Mr Justice Michael Burton said that “a belief in man-made climate change … is capable, if genuinely held, of being a philosophical belief for the purpose of the 2003 Religion and Belief Regulations”.

Papal Felony

  • Papal infallibility 

    Papal infallibility is a dogma of the Catholic Church that states that, in virtue of the promise of Jesus to Peter, the Pope is preserved from the possibility of error[1] “When, in the exercise of his office as shepherd and teacher of all Christians, in virtue of his supreme apostolic authority, he defines a doctrine concerning faith or morals to be held by the whole Church.”[2]

    This doctrine was defined dogmatically in the First Vatican Council of 1869–1870, but had been defended before that, existing already in medieval theology and being the majority opinion at the time of the Counter-Reformation.[3] In July 2005 Pope Benedict XVI stated during an impromptu address to priests in Aosta that: “The Pope is not an oracle; he is infallible in very rare situations, as we know.”[16] His predecessor Pope John XXIII once remarked: “I am only infallible if I speak infallibly but I shall never do that, so I am not infallible.”[17] A doctrine proposed by a pope as his own opinion, not solemnly proclaimed as a doctrine of the Church, may be rejected as false, even if it is on a matter of faith and morals, and even more any view he expresses on other matters.

Geopolitical Attack on Russian Orthodoxy

  • Russia to Expand Military Cooperation in Latin America: Defense Ministry  Russia is interested in the ability to create ports in Latin American countries and to use local airports, according to Russian Deputy Defense Minister.

    MOSCOW, December 24 (Sputnik) – Russia plans on expanding its military and technical cooperation with Latin America by creating ports and using local airports, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said Wednesday.

    “We are interested in creating [Material Technical Support] points, and we’re not talking about any bases. We are interested in the ability of our ships being able to visit ports in Latin American countries and using their airports,” Antonov said.

    Antonov said he had Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua in mind. 

Propaganda in Action

  • Fox’s WBFF Airs “Kill A Cop!” Protest Footage That Never Happened Outside Of An Editing Room — VIDEO 

    Since the tragic killing of Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, two NYPD officers who were fatally shot while sitting in their squad car Saturday, there have been a lot of reactions aired in the press — some good, some not so good. In particular, there have been some pretty overt instances of people implying the culpability of the nationwide anti-police violence protests which have been happening over recent months. Here’s a great example: Fox affiliate WBFF claimed protesters chanted “kill a cop” during the Justice For All march in Washington, D.C. last week, a charge which is flatly untrue, and disproven by the video they aired.

    Well, that is, it would’ve been transparently untrue, if not for one of the most deceptive edits of all time. The trick is pretty simple, as detailed by Gawker’s Miserable Shitehawk (no, really, that’s the byline) — with video of a call-and-response protest chant that goes “We can’t stop! We won’t stop! ’Til killer cops are in cell blocks,” just cut the clip short, right after the word “cops.”

  • Bud Day on torture: I got shot down over N Vietnam in 1967….

    The propaganda is what torture is, while evading what it does: They tortured me into admitting that I was in on the escape…and
    That my 2 room-mates knew about it.

    The next day I denied the lie.

    They commenced torturing me again with 3- 6- or 9 strokes of
    The fan belt every day from about July 11 or 14 October
    1969.  I continued to refuse to lie about my roommates again.

Technological Harm

Unalienable or Not

  • Texas weighs allowing open carry of handguns  

    Long depicted as the rootin’-tootin’ capital of American gun culture, Texas is one of the few states with an outright ban on the open carry of handguns.

    That could change in 2015, with the Republican-dominated Legislature and Gov.-elect Greg Abbott expected to push for expanded gun rights.

    “If open carry is good enough for Massachusetts, it’s good enough for the state of Texas,” Abbott said the day after his election last month.

Exposing The Fallible Infallible

  • Global Warming Isn’t Causing California Drought? Report Triggers Storm  

    Natural conditions, not human-caused emissions of greenhouse gases, are the driving force behind California’s three-year dry spell, scientists on a federal task force concluded Monday. But the report came under fire from some experts who said it downplayed other factors that have humanity’s fingerprints on them.

    The evidence suggests a naturally induced “warm patch” of water in the western Pacific helped to create a high-pressure ridge that blocked precipitation from entering California, the experts said at a news conference to release the report.

  • The unsinkable German anti-CO2-Titanic just found its iceberg 
    Until just a few days ago, the determination of the German government to halt the presumed Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) seemed to be absolutely imperturbable. The main driver behind the German resolve to hammer down CO2 emissions both domestically and abroad while at the same time finishing off its last remaining nuclear power generating units is Chancellor Angela Merkel. The daughter of a clergyman socialized in the formerly communist east of the country, she is known for her outstanding political cleverness and flexibility in avoiding conflicts she feels she can’t win. Nevertheless, there are certain aspects where this cleverness is superseded by an almost fundamentalist doggedness when it comes to certain key points – such as exterminating nuclear power or saving the planet from overheating.

    The led to an event that can be likened to the proverbial iceberg unexpectedly popping up right in front of the German state ship while it was plowing through the waves on its climate-saving mission at full-steam. With just a 48-hour notice delivered by a personal phone call to Ms. Merkel on a Saturday, the CEO of E.ON, the largest German and European power producer, let it be known that the company had decided to split itself in two, one part grouping fossil and nuclear power generation and a second part encompassing the “politically correct” activities in the field of “renewable” energies. Sort of a “Bad E.ON” / “Good E.ON” move. The intention is to get rid of the “bad” part as soon as possible by putting it up for sale. At the same time, this also means the “good” part will cease to be duty bound to ensure a stable power supply under all circumstances. Obviously, such a liability is not enforceable from an entity whose only power sources are unstable wind and solar power plants. In a nutshell, the message behind this move is that the silverback of the “big four” German energy producers who group the bulk of the country’s conventional and nuclear power production is about to close shop at short notice. The others will probably follow suit.

    Inflicting a deadly setback…

    A situation where a country’s leadership is left only 48 hours to digest this sort of threat can be likened to the sudden crash of the Titanic hitting its iceberg. Although most of the German public has not yet noticed that something really important has gone wrong, frantic activities can be noticed on the bridge, with both the minister for economic affairs and the chancellor’s office hastily preparing new legislation aiming at enhancing the situation of coal-fired plants by implementing an all-new market design. It will most certainly provide for compensation payments for coal-fired plants forced to turn idle or at minimum load when the grid is clogged by an oversupply of wind and solar energy.

      At some point, when the populace will finally realize it has been fooled and plundered, politicians will refrain from CAGW aspirations when it becomes evident they will not be favorable for their future prospects to be elected. And if and when Germany fails in full focus of the spotlights they themselves asked to be turned upon them, the CAGW theories will suffer a major blow on a worldwide scale. This might hopefully turn out as an important contribution to the demise of the whole CAGW scam.

  • Mann v Steyn: If This Trial Ever Goes Ahead Global Warming Is Toast  

    Mark Steyn has published his latest brief in his protracted court case with discredited climate scientist Michael Mann (who is suing him for libel) and it’s a corker.

    Here’s a sample:

    The audacity of the falsehoods in Mann’s court pleadings is breathtaking. For example, on page 19 of his brief below dated January 18, 2013, he cites the international panel chaired by the eminent scientist Lord Oxburgh, FRS as one of the bodies that “exonerated” him, whereas on page 235 of Mann’s own book, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars, he states explicitly that “our own work did not fall within the remit of the committee and the hockey stick was not mentioned in the report.” It is deeply disturbing that a plaintiff should make such fraudulent claims in his legal pleadings. It is even more disturbing that the first such fraudulent claim – to be a Nobel Laureate and thus in the same pantheon as Banting, Einstein, and the Curies – should have led to the amended complaint and the procedural delays that then followed. It would be even more profoundly damaging were his other transparently false claims to be entertained for another two years before trial.

    It is clear from the ease with which Mann lies about things that would not withstand ten minutes of scrutiny in a courtroom that he has no intention of proceeding to trial.”

    For the full background to the case, read this. But all you really need to know is that Michael Mann is exploiting the flaws in the US legal system to try to draw out proceedings as long as possible in order to exhaust – or bankrupt – Steyn into submission.

  • Shock U.S. Senate Report: Left-Wing ‘Billionaire’s Club’ Using Environmentalism to Control the US Economy and Subvert Democracy 

    There aren’t a lot of functioning democracies around the world that work this way where you can basically have millionaires and billionaires bankrollingwhoever they want, however they want, in some cases undisclosed. What it means is ordinary Americans are shut out of the process.” Barack Obama, White House press conference, Oct 2013.

    Yes, indeed. But the millionaires and billionaires doing the damage are Obama’s allies on the liberal-left, not his enemies on the right. So says a devastating report published today by the US Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works.

    The report details how an elite group of rich liberal donors such as Tom Steyer and Hank Paulson – “the Billionaire’s Club” – is directing and controlling the far-left environmental movement, “which in turn lobbies and controls major policy decisions and lobbies on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).”

    “Even more unsettling, a dominant organization in this movement is Sea Change Foundation, a private California foundation, which relies on funding from a foreign company with undisclosed donors. In turn, Sea Change funnels tens of millions of dollars to other large but discreet foundations and prominent environmental activists who strive to control both policy and politics.”

  • Time for the UN to get out of climate change, Canadian prof says  

    The UN must “get out of the climate field entirely,” a former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg says.

    Dr. Tim Ball, a board member of the International Climate Science Coalition and author of “The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science,” says the agency should focus “only on issues the people of the world deem important.”

    United Nations climate talks, being held in Peru, are heading for a watered-down deal on limiting global warming, leaving many of the toughest issues for next year’s Paris summit, Reuters reported.

    “Climate change has happened, is happening and will always happen,” Ball said in a statement Saturday.

    “Contrary to the message of the last 30 years, current rate of climate change is well within the bounds of natural variability. Thus, a perfectly natural phenomenon became the biggest deception in history.”

    Tom Harris, the head of the Canadian chapter of ICSC, also came down hard on the UN.

    Harris said climate change negotiators in Lima “seemed oblivious to the findings of the UN’s ongoing My World survey about what the people of the world really want the agency to focus on”.

    “The seven million people polled so far indicate that, in comparison with issues such as education, health care, jobs, and energy, they care very little about climate change,” Harris said. 

  • How a Greenpeace stunt in Peru drives home the global climate divide  When the stunt-planners at Greenpeace sent teams of activists to trespass this week at Peru’s Nazca archeological site, they must have thought their bumper-sticker messaging would look good on a Facebook page next to the 2,000-year-old geodesic drawings.
    After all, the group is known for stringing banners from bridges and skyscrapers to draw attention to its environmental campaigns, and with U.N. climate talks taking place in Lima this week, the activists clearly wanted to make an impact.
    And so they have. The impact of their footprints on the fragile desert site, in fact, will last “hundreds or thousands of years,” according to outraged Peruvian officials.
  • Greenpeace faces ‘criminal’ prosecution for desecrating Peruvian sacred sites – Forced to apologize – Exclusive Video  

    Greenpeace has been forced to apologize for desecrating Peruvian sacred sites with politically motivated climate messages during the UN climate summit this week.

    After outrage, Greenpeace forced to apologize to people of Peru over Nazca lines stunt – ‘Culture ministry says it will press charges against activists for damage to world heritage site as UN climate talks began in Lima’

Tis The Season:
Merry ChristmaHanuKwanzaRama llama Ding DonGeistaMithrakrishna Happy Holly Day And I Hope You All Have a Cool Yule.

    • Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
    • The people know that they have created this farce and financed it with their own taxes (consent), but they would rather knuckle under than be the hypocrite.

      Factor VI – Cattle
      Those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains, and so this mindless school of jelly-fish, father, mother, son, and daughter, become useful beasts of burden or trainers of the same.

    • Mr. Rothschild’s Energy Discovery
      What Mr. Rothschild [2] had discovered was the basic principle of power, influence, and control over people as applied to economics. That principle is “when you assume the appearance of power, people soon give it to you.”

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