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From the Jefferson Mining District front page, Click on the petition link. Thank you very much for defending your property and that of future generations, no the real ones, and additionally, for helping Jefferson Mining District help you.

Digital Denigration

  • Yahoo denies surveillance claims amid privacy outcry

    Yahoo on Wednesday rejected allegations of mass email surveillance amid an outcry from privacy activists over a report that it created a special scanning program at the behest of US intelligence.
    The report, which said the US internet giant secretly scanned hundreds of millions of email accounts to help American intelligence, was “misleading,” Yahoo said.
    “We narrowly interpret every government request for user data to minimize disclosure,” the company said in a statement to AFP. “The mail scanning described in the article does not exist on our systems.”
    A report Tuesday by Reuters news agency, citing former employees of the internet firm as sources, said Yahoo had built a custom program in 2015 which scanned all its emails to help the National Security Agency (NSA) and the FBI.
    The New York Times reported Wednesday that Yahoo had been ordered by a federal judge to search its emails for a digital “signature” in an investigation seeking information about a state-sponsored entity linked to attacks.
    The Times, quoting an unnamed government official, said that in order to comply with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court order, Yahoo had needed to modify its software which scans for spam and child pornography.
    According to the Times’ report, the government request was unusual because it required Yahoo to systematically scan all of its users’ emails — rather than hand over data from specific users.


  • Evildoers of Twitter Beware: You Can Now Be Served Lawsuits in a Tweet

    A Kuwaiti religious leader who allegedly raised money for jihadist rebels in Syria appears poised to become the first person served a U.S. lawsuit via Twitter.

    Hajjaj bin Fahd al-Ajmi has been a hard man to reach for a lawyer seeking compensation in a northern California federal court on behalf of hundreds of thousands of Assyrian Christians who own property in Iraq and Syria.

    U.S. Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler, resolving the impasse, found al-Ajmi has “an active Twitter account and continues to use it,” offering the “method of service most likely to reach” him to satisfy the service of process requirement for the case to move forward.

    Al-Ajmi is accused by both the U.S. government and the U.N. Security Council of funneling money to armed terrorists.

    Service via social network is not unprecedented, and Beeler leaned on rulings in at least two other cases to justify the novel delivery mechanism.

    Previously, a federal judge in New York in 2014 allowed service via Facebook, LinkedIn and email to a Turkish citizen in a trademark dispute. In 2013, a federal judge in Virginia allowed the Federal Trade Commission to serve notice on five alleged fraudsters living in India via Facebook and email.

    “I think it’s going to have a tremendous effect,” says Mogeeb Weiss, who represents the plaintiffs on behalf of the California-based non-profit St. Francis Assisi, which is made up of affiliated churches.

    “You have a Twitter account and are trying to avoid service? Now I can just get you on Twitter, it’s huge. You can just serve them there on the spot,” he says, noting though that attorneys still will have to show first that more traditional methods failed.

Only This Much 2nd Amendment?

  • Federal Judge Overturns Ban on Openly Carrying Guns in Public

    In a quintuple victory for Second Amendment rights, a federal judge last week overturned a ban on carrying handguns in public, a ban on so-called assault weapons, caliber restrictions for long guns, a $1,000 tax on handguns, and a requirement that all guns be registered with the government. “The individual right to armed self-defense in case of confrontation…cannot be regulated into oblivion,” declared Ramona Manglona, chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands.

    In her September 28 ruling, Manglona notes that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit (which includes the Northern Mariana Islands) has said “there is no constitutional right to carry a concealed weapon in public.” But the 9th Circuit has not addressed the broader question of whether the right to armed self-defense recognized by the Supreme Court in the landmark 2008 case District of Columbia v. Heller extends beyond the home. Adopting the historical analysis and logic that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit applied when it overturned an Illinois ban on carrying guns in 2012, Manglona concludes that “the Second Amendment, based on its plain language, the history described in Heller I, and common sense, must protect a right to armed self-defense in public.” While “the right of armed self-defense, including in public, is subject to traditional limitations,” she says, “it is not subject to elimination.” Since the law enforced by the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) “completely destroys that right,” Manglona writes, “it is unconstitutional regardless of the level of scrutiny applied, and the Court must strike it down.”

    By contrast, she upheld the commonwealth’s licensing requirement for gun buyers, mainly because it goes beyond federal law by “requiring background checks for all aspiring gun owners,” and not just those who purchase their firearms from federally licensed dealers. She also upheld the commonwealth’s ban on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, saying it probably would not have much impact on self-defense and might reduce deaths in mass shootings. Manglona in any case had little choice but to uphold that restriction, since the 9th Circuit last year approved an “identical ban” imposed by Sunnyvale, California.

    Manglona notes the perseverance of the plaintiff in this case, a former U.S. Army Ranger named Paul Murphy who represented himself through years of litigation.



Bottom-line Obstruction To Nature

  • Big Pharma’s Patents on Kratom Alkaloids Expose Real Reason DEA is Banning this Plant

    the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) just announced they will ban the popular pain relief supplement kratom by placing it on the Schedule 1 list, which denotes “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse” – the most restrictive classification under the federal Controlled Substances Act.

    This move to ban yet another highly beneficial plant by the DEA has been met with heavy backlash and multiple petitions. The backlash is entirely justified as this plant has many amazing benefits — including a potential cure for opioid addiction.

    A notice of intent to classify kratom was placed on the Federal Register on August 31, with plans to temporarily categorize the supplement as a Schedule I substance on September 30, according to a filing by the DEA:

    Notice of Intent

    The Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration is issuing this notice of intent to temporarily schedule the opioids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which are the main active constituents of the plant kratom, into schedule I pursuant to the temporary scheduling provisions of the Controlled Substances Act. This action is based on a finding by the Administrator that the placement of these opioids into schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act is necessary to avoid an imminent hazard to the public safety. Any final order will impose the administrative, civil, and criminal sanctions and regulatory controls applicable to schedule I controlled substances under the Controlled Substances Act on the manufacture, distribution, possession, importation, and exportation of, and research and conduct of instructional activities of these opioids.

    This “imminent hazard,” as cited by the DEA, is all but non-existent. Yes, the CDC reported in July that kratom can be abused and that poison control centers have received over 660 calls between 2010 and 2015 regarding kratom intoxication. However, these numbers pale in comparison to the extreme death that follows prescription opioids, and, there has yet to be any conclusive evidence showing kratom to be deadly.

    So why would the DEA worry about a beneficial plant that is pretty much harmless? The answer is quite clear — Big Pharma.

    Cannabis is a schedule one substance but the pharmaceutical industry can manufacture a synthetic version of the same active ingredient in cannabis, THC, and it magically becomes legal.

    Currently, the pharmaceutical industry is using kratom alkaloids to manufacture synthetic opioids.

    As Cassius Kamarampi points out, three synthetic opioids, in particular, were synthesized from the alkaloids in kratom from 2008- 2016: MGM-9, MGM-15, and MGM-16.

    They were synthesized from kratom’s alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine: to make what is essentially patentable, pharmaceutical kratom.

    The first study, published in 2008, took Mitragynine and used it to synthesize “MGM-9”. The study says:



  • CDC police will eventually arrest the unvaccinated as “diseased criminals”

    After 30 years as an independent reporter, I understand the machinations of the CDC.

    As a result, I’ve been able to read their intentions for the future. I’ve been able to see where they’re heading.

    Two parallel ops are going to intersect, unless they are stopped. And if they aren’t stopped, there is going to be BIG trouble.

    OP ONE: the CDC’s imminent implementation of its new rules for controlling communicable diseases. I’ve covered these rules extensively. Here I’ll sum them up:

    Americans traveling between states can be stopped, detained, and even quarantined, if they seem to have indications of an illness that could impact public health.

    If this sounds vague, it is. The CDC has even coined a new absurd category: “precommunicable” illness. It means that with few or no symptoms—but merely the probability of having contacted someone who had or could have had an illness—a traveler in America can be picked up and held against his will.

    The CDC asserts it has police powers to do this.

    During the quarantine period, the person has no right to refuse medical treatment—which can include (toxic) vaccinations. After release, the person will be tracked electronically, and this surveillance can extend to an ankle bracelet.

    OP TWO: The CDC and its state allies are expanding the promotion of mandatory vaccines. The state of California now has such a law (SB277) for all public and private school children. There is a move to extend the mandate to adults.

    So…suppose you are spotted and detained as a person who may have a precommunicable disease. One of the first questions you’ll be asked is: “Are you up to date on your vaccinations?”

    If not, you’ll get them. Forcibly.

    Now suppose the disease you’re suspected of having has a vaccine—which you never got. You’re bad. You’re delinquent. You’re essentially a criminal. “Sir, if you had been vaccinated against the disease, you wouldn’t have the disease now, and you wouldn’t be in a position to infect others with it.”

    But why stop there? At some point up the road, the CDC will say:

    “Those people who have not gotten the full schedule of vaccinations are AUTOMATICALLY PRECOMMUNICABLE.”

    That’s how the two ops will intersect.


Thou shalt Not Commit Adulterate

  • Contaminated compost a crop killer for Newport farm

    Although not a widely known risk, herbicide contamination of compost has sprung up intermittently since 2000, said Greg Evanylo, a Virginia Tech crop and soil scientist and compost expert. When this specific category of herbicide lingers, it can surprise compost producers and their customers.

    “It’s insidious because you may think that you have no contamination in your [compost] pile, or the amount of material that may have been contaminated with the herbicide represents only a small portion of the feedstock [the materials used to make compost],” Evanylo said. “But it doesn’t take much of the product. It could be 7, 8 parts per billion that could then in the soil affect certain plants.”

    That amount is equivalent to eight grains of salt in 1 billion grains of sugar. According to the U.S. Composting Council, a trade group for compost producers, “concentrations as low as 1 part per billion may negatively affect some plants.” That can make detection difficult for producers, as well as buyers.

    Developed to kill broadleaf weeds in livestock pastures and hay fields, growth regulator herbicides mimic plant hormones, causing mutations that kill broadleaf weeds but don’t affect grasses. The compounds pose no danger to mammals, birds or insects, and are effective in small amounts. When used appropriately, Virginia Cooperative Extension weed scientist Michael Flessner said, they are considered environmentally safe.


Not A UNmeater Yet?

  • Tick bites that trigger severe meat allergy on rise around the world

    Tick-induced mammalian meat allergy’ reported in Europe, Asia, Central America and Africa but most prevalent in parts of Australia and the US

    People living in tick-endemic areas around the world are being warned of an increasingly prevalent, potentially life-threatening side effect to being bitten: developing a severe allergy to meat.

    The link between tick bites and meat allergies was first described in 2007, and has since been confirmed around the world.

    Sufferers of “tick-induced mammalian meat allergy” will experience a delayed reaction of between two and 10 hours after eating red meat. Almost invariably, they are found to have been bitten by a tick – sometimes as much as six months before.  Cases of the emergent allergy have been reported in Europe, Asia, Central America and Africa, but it is most prevalent – and on the rise – in parts of Australia and the United States where ticks are endemic and host populations are booming.

    The Lone Star tick is widespread throughout the US, but meat allergies have been reported in the south-eastern states, home to growing herds of white-tailed deer.

    But tick bite-induced anaphylaxis – the most acute allergic reaction, which can result in death – is rare in countries other than Australia. Around Sydney’s northern beaches, where ticks are common, it is reportedly as prevalent as peanut allergies.

    Meat allergies are exceedingly rare in adults who have not been bitten by ticks.

    The link was first reported in November 2007 by Sheryl van Nunen, a clinical immunology specialist at the Royal North Shore hospital in Sydney.


Mythical Stalking-Zika

  • Study Casts Potential Doubt on Zika as Culprit

    All along I’ve felt somewhat suspect that the Zika virus is linked to microcephaly.  The US Centers for Disease Control and the New England Journal of Medicine both concluded the link is there.  Both are heavy hitters in the realm of research, however, they admit there’s no studied verification.

    Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry were quick to jump on the abortion bandwagon for pregnant women with confirmed or suspected cases of the Zika virus.

    But a recent, expansive study has cast legitimate doubt on the Zika/microcephaly connection.

    Anxiety over Zika has affected the Olympic and Paralympic games in Rio, as well as impacting the cruise industry in Florida where Zika cases have been reported.  Concern continues to grow.

    Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry were quick to insert themselves into the medical crisis because they’re absolutely desperate to link abortion to any perceived common good and they thought the Zika virus was their ride to glory. As a result, they’ve been advocating abortion for at-risk pregnant women. Planned Parenthood even hired canvassers to go door-to-door in Miami.

    The New England Complex Systems Institute has shed new light on the situation and opened the possibility that the declared Zika link may be premature. The study is expansive and so credible that the New England Journal of Medicine published the preliminary results. The caution here is that the research only deals with the third trimester of pregnancy.

Guido In The Gate

  • Stakeholders and Sustainability

    Freeman consciously introduced and articulated  the basis for a theory that competes head-on with the commonly accepted stockholder theory of the firm.  The choice of the word “stakeholder” was intentional. He asserted:

    Words make a difference in how we see the world. By using “stakeholder,” managers and theorists alike will come to see these groups as having a “stake.” “Stakeholder” connotes “legitimacy,” and while managers may not think that certain groups are “legitimate” in the sense that their demands on the firm are inappropriate, they had better give “legitimacy” to these groups in terms of their ability to affect the direction of the firm.104A.

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Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

  • The people know that they have created this farce and financed it with their own taxes (consent), but they would rather knuckle under than be the hypocrite. Factor VI – Cattle Those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains, and so this mindless school of jelly-fish, father, mother, son, and daughter, become useful beasts of burden or trainers of the same.
  • Mr. Rothschild’s Energy Discovery
    What Mr. Rothschild [2] had discovered was the basic principle of power, influence, and control over people as applied to economics. That principle is “when you assume the appearance of power, people soon give it to you.”

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