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Last Weeks to Protect Your Granted Rights

From the Jefferson Mining District front page, Click on the petition link. Thank you very much for defending your property and that of future generations, no the real ones, and additionally, for helping Jefferson Mining District help you.

Silent Weapons

  • 700 Million Androids Pre-Installed with Chinese Spyware

    A Chinese software company called Adups, whose firmware comes pre-installed on some 700 million Android devices, has been found to be able to collect personal information from users without their knowledge or consent.

    Security analyst firm Kryptowire first discovered the privacy breach in November 2016. Adups data mining was revealed almost by accident by a Kryptowire employee who discovered a backdoor allowing information to be leaked. After that, antivirus manufacturer Trustlook dug deeper and the scope of the privacy violations facilitated by Adups was quickly shown to be significant. The Adups data collector was found to collect text messages, call history, and device information from phones upon which it is installed.

    Adups denied that the software is used to collect private user data, but was instead put in place “to identify junk text messages and calls.” They then referred to the installation of it on US phones as a “mistake.”

    The majority of Android phones that use Adups are smaller companies that only release devices in Asia. However, BLU Products (which claims to have sold 35 million devices in the Western hemisphere) and several other well-known manufacturers including Lenovo and ZTE also install Adups firmware on their smartphones. BLU announced that they will no longer use Adups firmware on their phones, switching it out for one made by Google. Lenovo, ZTE, and others have followed suit.

    Another endangered piece of hardware? Barnes and Noble’s NOOK Tablet 7, which, unlike a mobile phone, cannot remove its Adups firmware with a software update.


  • The Gentleman’s Guide to Self-Defense: Part 1

    Guns and knives are, in many ways, the best self-defense tools.

    However – as police academies across the United States teach – a bad guy with a knife can charge and kill a good guy armed with a handgun if they’re 21 feet apart or less.

    In other words, before you have time to draw aim and fire your gun, you may get fatally stabbed.

    In addition, if you live in New York, California or another state which makes it hard to carry concealed guns and knives – or you work in the financial services, legal or other professional setting where weapons are frowned upon – you might not be able to carry a gun or knife with you during your normal work day. (And many people don’t understand the Second Amendment).

    In my state, for example, it’s illegal to carry switchblades or even assisted-opening knives. And none of the manual “one-handed opening knives” I’ve tried work as advertised.

    Any weapon which you don’t already have in your hands may be limited in its real-world usefulness. And you obviously can’t walk around brandishing your gun and knife for no good reason.

    What to do?

    Find an every day object which is legal anywhere in the world, in any city or state, in any work environment … and which you can hold in your hands at all times. The best self-defense weapon is one (1) you can carry with you anywhere and (2) which is an innocuous, every day item.

    Self-defense expert Thomas Kurz – a judo instructor, trained in boxing and Kyokushin karate, who knows how to kill a man with an everyday pencil or pen – has designed a weapon you can carry anywhere, and which will keep you dry when it rains: the Unbreakable Umbrella.

    Several top martial artists – such as stick-fighting expert Marc “Crafty Dog” Denny – have endorsed the Unbreakable Umbrella.

    Because a picture is worth a thousand words, you’ve got to see the videos below to get why this is such a good self-defense weapon …

On No Evidence Ever, Ever

  • FBI warns of possible Islamic State-inspired attacks in U.S.

    U.S. federal authorities cautioned local law enforcement on Friday to be aware that supporters of Islamic State have been calling for their sympathizers to attack holiday gatherings in the United States, including churches, a law enforcement official said.

    The warning, issued in a bulletin to local law enforcement, said there were no known specific, credible threats.

  • Security agencies warn of terrorist threats to churches

    The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security on Friday warned law enforcement agencies that Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) sympathizers continue to call for attacks on holiday events, “including targeting churches,” CNN reports.

    Officials say there are no known, credible threats and that the bulletin was issued out of an abundance of caution given the public nature of the threats issued by the group’s followers.


  • Intel analysis shows Putin approved election hacking

    A US official familiar with the US intelligence assessment of the Russia election-related hacking said the understanding is that the operation was carried out with sophisticated hacking tools, the equivalent of those used by the US National Security Agency.

    The use of the advanced tools suggests Russian President Vladimir Putin was involved in the hacks, a person familiar with the matter said, adding that it was more than a US intelligence assumption at this point.
    But neither of the sources said they knew of specific intelligence that directly ties Putin to the attack.

Deny Deny Deny Fact

  • Syria Ambassador Reveals Names Of Alleged Western/Saudi/GCC Intelligence Agents Trapped In East Aleppo

    While the United States has harped for over five years about the “humanitarian crisis” and manufactured Syrian government “crimes against humanity,” the recent hysteria over “civilians” trapped in East Aleppo has really taken the cake. Now, however, after hearing about how Assad has “barrel bombed,” “tortured,” “burned alive,” and otherwise maimed civilians in East Aleppo (who are themselves committing mass suicide to evade Syrian government forces according to mainstream outlets), the real reason for the increase in hysteria has finally come to light.

    The real reason for America’s concern is not because of civilians at all or even because of their terrorist proxies who will soon be totally annihilated in East Aleppo. It is because their own intelligence officers are stuck in East Aleppo, completely surrounded by Syrian military forces, and their capture will not only weaken the Western operation in the country, it will reveal to the world what most already know – that the U.S. and its allies are working hand-in-glove with the terrorists it claims are moderates.

    This is precisely what Syria’s ambassador to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari, stated when he released the names of these intelligence officers in an address before reporters at the United Nations.  After a sarcastic remark about how the operatives were “nice people,” a reporter asked about the list of intelligence operatives. Ja’afari then again sarcastically corrected her by saying “No. No. They are Syrian moderate opposition. Genetically modified.”


  • NATO Stock – Nerve agent

    1) NATO Stock – Nerve agent pre-treatment tablet’s found by the Syrian Army in liberated Al Sukkari, Eastern Aleppo today (23/12/2016)  2) Ambulances sent to ‘help’ the people in Eastern Aleppo were used for Carrying weaponry Transporting Al Qaeda terrorists And then as bunkers.  3) Moderate rebel’ Aleppo lies dispelled Ambulances used to carry weaponry Fully stocked hospitals Schools turned into ammunition warehouses.  4) Russian experts uncovered a chemical weapons lab used by ‘moderate rebels’ in an area liberated by the SAA + allies in Western Aleppo.


  • Using Holidays as a Distraction, Obama Just Signed NDAA ‘Propaganda’ Provision to Destroy Free Press

    Using the cover of the holidays and distracted attention, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law Friday evening — just two days before many Americans celebrate Christmas — perhaps because it contains ominously Orwellian language meant to “counter propaganda and disinformation directed at the United States.”

    Although the NDAA’s true purpose is to fund the military, notorious provisions — particularly of the variety which erase yet more freedoms — are often added to the overall legislation. In this case, the propaganda and disinformation provisions mentioned above had been attempted in a stand-alone bill which remains stalled in Congress — partly due to scathing criticism and unpopularity from wary politicians.

    And that seems justifiable, given legitimate parallels drawn to 1950s McCarthyism and the Red Scare.

    According to the text of the $619 billion bill, the Secretaries of State and Defense and other pertinent officials will be tasked with creating an innocuous-sounding “Global Engagement Center.”

    “The purpose of the Center,” states the text, “shall be to lead, synchronize, and coordinate efforts of the Federal Government to recognize, understand, expose, and counter foreign state and non-state propaganda and disinformation efforts aimed at undermining United States national security interests.”

    In actuality, however, countering propaganda amounts to silencing dissenting opinion — particularly in the press — of anything deemed shining a favorable light on one of the many countries the U.S. considers a foe.


  • School-to-Prison Pipeline Complete — New Law Makes Schoolyard Fights a Felony

    On January 1, 2017, the state of Missouri will implement a public school policy sure to accelerate the descent into police state dystopia.

    The Hazelwood School District put out a memo to parents and guardians stating that, according to Missouri statute, fights at school or on buses will be treated as felonies — which can result in up to four years of prison, fines or probation.

    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    We want to make you aware of a few new State Statutes that will go into effect on January 1, 2017, which may have a drastic impact on how incidents are handled in area school districts.

    The way the new statue reads, if a person commits the offense of an assault in the third degree this will now be classified as a Class E Felony, rather than a misdemeanor. If he or she knowingly causes physical injury to another person (hits someone or has a fight with another individual and an injury occurs) – one or both participants may be charged with a Felony.

    Gone are the days when teachers broke up fights and sent the kids home, calling the parents and perhaps suspending the kid if it was a serious incident. “School Resource Officers” or local cops now arrest the kids and, if there is any perceived injury (an arbitrary judgment), will charge them with third-degree assault – treating children cooped up in school as if they are violent adults on the streets.

    What does this mean for students?

    For example, if two students are fighting and one child is injured, the student who caused the injury may be charged with a felony. Student(s) who are caught fighting in school, bus or on school grounds may now be charged with a felony (no matter the age or grade level), if this assault is witnessed by one of the School Resource Officers/police officers (SRO) or if the SRO/local law enforcement officials have to intervene.

    It doesn’t stop there. Even attempts or threats to cause harm will be treated as a Class A misdemeanor, which can bring up to a year of prison time. If the assaulted person is considered a “special victim,” a Class D felony can be imposed which can mean up to seven years in prison.


What is Money?

  • Bitcoin not money, Miami judge rules in dismissing laundering charges

    A Miami-Dade judge ruled Monday that Bitcoin is not actually money, a decision hailed by proponents of the virtual currency that has become popular across the world.

    In a case closely watched in financial and tech circles, the judge threw out the felony charges against website designer Michell Espinoza, who had been charged with illegally transmitting and laundering $1,500 worth of Bitcoins. He sold them to undercover detectives who told him they wanted to use the money to buy stolen credit-card numbers.

    But Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Teresa Mary Pooler ruled that Bitcoin was not backed by any government or bank, and was not “tangible wealth” and “cannot be hidden under a mattress like cash and gold bars.”

    “The court is not an expert in economics; however, it is very clear, even to someone with limited knowledge in the area, the Bitcoin has a long way to go before it the equivalent of money,” Pooler wrote in an eight-page order.

    The judge also wrote that Florida law — which says someone can be charged with money laundering if they engage in a financial transaction that will “promote” illegal activity — is way too vague to apply to Bitcoin.

    “This court is unwilling to punish a man for selling his property to another, when his actions fall under a statute that is so vaguely written that even legal professionals have difficulty finding a singular meaning,” she wrote.

Bitcoin Taxable?

  • If You’re Not Into Bitcoin, That’s Fine. Just Know the IRS Wants It Gone–For Nefarious Reasons

    Imagine if you found out that the IRS had just issued a summons for every financial transaction by every customer of your bank for the last two years, just to see if they had maybe committed some form of tax fraud, and that a federal judge had approved that request.

    Last week, that is exactly what happened to the bitcoin exchange, Coinbase. Under the guise of ferreting out people committing tax fraud, the IRS, via the DOJ, filed a “John Doe’ summons requesting every financial transaction that has occurred on Coinbase between 2013 and 2015.

    The IRS has audited taxpayers who failed to report bitcoin income and were Coinbase users, but there is no indication that fraud has been committed on a mass scale by Coinbase’s users. A federal judge granted the IRS the authorization to collect millions of records, nonetheless.

    According to a Forbes article, the head of the Justice Department’s Tax Division, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Caroline D. Ciraolo, explained the filing as addressing the concerns mentioned above:

    “As the use of virtual currencies has grown exponentially, some have raised questions about tax compliance. Tools like the John Doe summons authorized today send the clear message to U.S. taxpayers that whatever form of currency they use – bitcoin or traditional dollars and cents – we will work to ensure that they are fully reporting their income and paying their fair share of taxes.”

    In short, the DOJ and IRS are using a brute force technique to tell bitcoin users, without reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing, that they can run but they can’t hide.

At Odds

  • EU’s highest court delivers blow to UK snooper’s charter

     Indiscriminate collection of emails is illegal, court rules in response to challenge originally brought

    “General and indiscriminate retention” of emails and electronic communications by governments is illegal, the EU’s highest court has ruled, in a judgment that could trigger challenges against the UK’s new Investigatory Powers Act – the so-called snooper’s charter.

    Only targeted interception of traffic and location data in order to combat serious crime – including terrorism – is justified, according to a long-awaited decision by the European court of justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg.

    In a summary of the ruling, the court said electronic communications allow “very precise conclusions to be drawn concerning the private lives of persons whose data has been retained”.

    It added: “The interference by national legislation that provides for the retention of traffic data and location data with that right must therefore be considered to be particularly serious.

    “The fact that the data is retained without the users of electronic communications services being informed of the fact is likely to cause the persons concerned to feel that their private lives are the subject of constant surveillance. Consequently, only the objective of fighting serious crime is capable of justifying such interference.

    “Legislation prescribing a general and indiscriminate retention of data … exceeds the limits of what is strictly necessary and cannot be considered to be justified within a democratic society.” Prior authorisation by a court or independent body to access retained data is required for each official request, the ECJ said.

    The finding came in response to a legal challenge initially brought by the Brexit secretary, David Davis, when he was a backbench MP, and Tom Watson, Labour’s deputy leader, over the legality of GCHQ’s bulk interception of call records and online messages.


  • UK cops beat phone encryption by “mugging” suspect after he unlocked his phone

    Detectives from Scotland Yard’s cybercrime unit decided the easiest way to get around their suspect’s careful use of full-disk encryption and strong passphrases on his Iphone was to trail him until he made a call, then “mug” him by snatching his phone and then tasking an officer to continuously swipe at the screen to keep it from going to sleep, which would reactivate the disk encryption.

    It’s an elegantly simple countermeasure, and one that we’re sure to see — for example — practitioners of corporate espionage and nation-state spying deploy. What countermeasure would you use to defeat it? A dead-man’s switch for high-risk users that prompted users to enter a passphrase every five minutes? I can see how that would get old pretty fast.

    Undercover surveillance officers trailed Yew and waited for him to unlock his phone to make a call – thereby disabling the encryption.

    One officer then rushed in to seize the phone from Yew’s hand – just as would happen in a criminal mugging. As his colleagues restrained the suspect, the officer continually “swiped” through the phone’s screens to prevent it from locking before they had downloaded its data.

    “Officers had to seize Yew’s phone from him in the street. This evidence was crucial to the prosecution.”


  • The UK’s Investigatory Powers Act allows the State to tell lies in court

    Analysis Blighty’s freshly passed Investigatory Powers Act, better known as the Snoopers’ Charter, is a dog’s dinner of a law. It gives virtually unrestricted powers not only to State spy organisations but also to the police and a host of other government agencies.

    The operation of the oversight and accountability mechanisms in the IPA are all kept firmly out of sight – and, so its authors hope, out of mind – of the public. It is up to the State to volunteer the truth to its victims if the State thinks it has abused its secret powers. “Marking your own homework” is a phrase which does not fully capture this.

    However, despite the establishment of a parallel system of secret justice, the IPA’s tentacles also enshrine parallel construction into law. That is, the practice where prosecutors lie about the origins of evidence to judges and juries – thereby depriving the defendant of a fair trial because he cannot review or question the truth of the evidence against him.

    Section 56 of the act as passed sets out a number of matters that are now prohibited from being brought up in court. The exact wording of section 56(1) is as follows:

    Exclusion of matters from legal proceedings etc.(1) No evidence may be adduced, question asked, assertion or disclosure made or other thing done in, for the purposes of or in connection with any legal proceedings or Inquiries Act proceedings which (in any manner)—

    (a) discloses, in circumstances from which its origin in interception-related conduct may be inferred—

    (i) any content of an intercepted communication, or

    (ii) any secondary data obtained from a communication, or

    (b) tends to suggest that any interception-related conduct has or may have occurred or may be going to occur.

    This is subject to Schedule 3 (exceptions).

    Schedule 3’s list of exemptions is broadly confined to national security court hearings, tribunals and other judicial occasions when the great unwashed, usually including the defendant and his legal representatives, are excluded from part or all of the hearing. Out of sight, out of mind.


  • Lawyers: New court software is so awful it’s getting people wrongly arrested

    Most pieces of software don’t have the power to get someone arrested—but Tyler Technologies’ Odyssey Case Manager does. This is the case management software that runs on the computers of hundreds and perhaps even thousands of court clerks and judges in county courthouses across the US. (Federal courts use an entirely different system.)

    Typically, when a judge makes a ruling—for example, issuing or rescinding a warrant—those words said by a judge in court are entered into Odyssey. That information is then relied upon by law enforcement officers to coordinate arrests and releases and to issue court summons. (Most other courts, even if they don’t use Odyssey, use a similar software system from another vendor.)

    But, just across the bay from San Francisco, one of Alameda County’s deputy public defenders, Jeff Chorney, says that since the county switched from a decades-old computer system to Odyssey in August, dozens of defendants have been wrongly arrested or jailed. Others have even been forced to register as sex offenders unnecessarily. “I understand that with every piece of technology, bugs have to be worked out,” he said, practically exasperated. “But we’re not talking about whether people are getting their paychecks on time. We’re talking about people being locked in cages, that’s what jail is. It’s taking a person and locking them in a cage.”

    Odyssey is used not only in Alameda County and additionally in 25 of California’s 58 county courts, but also in counties nationwide, from Miami-Dade County, Florida, to Kane County, Illinois. Lawyers in at least three counties in as many states have reported problems nearly identical to Alameda’s and have begun formal legal proceedings as a result. Earlier this month, an activist group in Shelby County, Tennessee, alleged similar issues in a recently filed federal civil rights lawsuit. According to the Memphis Daily News, Shelby County Commissioners discussed on Wednesday possible legal action against Tyler Technologies.

    Due to the same glitches, inmates in Marion County, Indiana, sued the county sheriff nearly two years ago in federal court over a related issue—that case is still ongoing.


  • FBI’s Warrantless Collection of Emails Upheld by Federal Court

    A federal appeals court on Monday upheld the 2013 conviction of a Somali-American man for trying to detonate a bomb at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon, rejecting his arguments that the FBI had entrapped him and that the government had unconstitutionally intercepted his emails without a warrant.

    The ruling (pdf) — by a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco — was particularly important because it upheld the government’s use of emails gathered without a warrant under the FISA Amendments Act of 2008. The law permits the government, on domestic soil, to collect phone calls and emails of noncitizens abroad, even when they are communicating with an American.

    The case centered on Mohamed Mohamud, who was 19 when he tried to blow up what he thought was a bomb. In fact, there was no danger: The plot had been orchestrated by the FBI as part of a sting operation. Mohamud was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

    He appealed, arguing that the conviction should be overturned in part because the government had used evidence derived from warrantless surveillance. But the panel upheld the verdict.

    “Many young people think and say alarming things that they later disavow, and we will never know if Mohamud — a young man with promise — would have carried out a mass attack absent the FBI’s involvement,” Judge John B. Owens wrote for the panel. But, he went on, some such people “take the next step, leading to horrific consequences.”

    “While technology makes it easier to capture the thoughts of these individuals, it also makes it easier for them to commit terrible crimes,” Owens wrote. “Here, the evidence supported the jury’s verdict, and the government’s surveillance, investigation and prosecution of Mohamud were consistent with constitutional and statutory requirements.”

Police Privilege To Harm

  • Police’s secret cellphone-surveillance tool can also block calls by the innocent

    It’s no secret that state and local law enforcement agencies have grown more militarized in the past decade, with armored personnel carriers, drones and robots.

    But one item in their arsenal has been kept largely out of public view, to the dismay of civil liberties advocates who say its use is virtually unregulated – and largely untracked.

    The device is a suitcase-size surveillance tool commonly called a StingRay that mimics a cellphone tower, allowing authorities to track individual cellphones in real time. Users of the device, which include scores of law enforcement agencies across the country, sign a non-disclosure agreement when they purchase it, pledging not to divulge its use, even in court cases against defendants the device helped capture.

    “Right now, it’s the Wild West for the use of these devices,” said Mike Katz-Lacabe, director of research at the Center for Human Rights and Privacy, a nonprofit group he founded in San Leandro, California. “We don’t know how often they are used, what they are used for and whether we’d consider such a use acceptable.”

    Federal authorities have approved cell-site simulators from two companies. In addition to models of the StingRay by Harris Corp., a second branded device is commonly called a Dirtbox and is made by a Boeing Corp. subsidiary, Digital Receiver Technology Inc. of Germantown, Maryland. The House report said the devices cost between $41,500 and $500,000, depending on their capabilities.

    The StingRay typically is mounted in a van and used with a directional antenna. Sometimes police chase the signal of a suspect’s known cellular phone number or go to the suspect’s location and sweep up all unknown signals. All cellphones with power in the area begin communicating with the cell-site simulator, as if it were a legitimate tower.

    That is one of the concerns of civil liberties groups, that cellphones unconnected with a law enforcement investigation are also captured by the device. While some cell-site simulators allow 911 emergency calls to pass through to legitimate towers, other calls routinely fail. Should an emergency unfold, cell users in the vicinity probably would find their calls dropped or signals jammed.

    “Even if there is a 911 pass-through feature, there are still plenty of other calls that people might want to make,” said Christopher Soghoian, principal technologist at the American Civil Liberties Union. “You might want to call your children’s school. You might want to call your wife or husband.”


  • Police make “value judgments” about hate crimes and use it as an excuse to spy on everyone

    A ‘The war on terror’, and the ‘war on drugs’ use junk science to justify illegal spying. Unfortunately, ‘hate crimes’ are no different. Alleged ‘hate crimes’ are being used as an excuse to let police spy on us in frightening new ways.

    A Boston Police Department (BPD) proposal titled, “Acquiring Technology and Services of Social Media Threats” reveals, a disturbing social media surveillance network.

    DHS/Police are spying on social media in real-time

    Section 7 of the BPD proposal reveals, police are spying on social media in real-time.

    “The Boston Regional Intelligence Center of the BPD, invites proposals from qualified proposers to provide real-time open source and social media threat detection and analysis systems, software, and/or services for use by the Boston Regional Intelligence Center and select law enforcement personnel of the Metro Boston Homeland Security Region.”

    Did you catch that? Not only are police spying on social media in real-time, but DHS is behind it.     ‘The war on terror’, and the ‘war on drugs’ use junk science to justify illegal spying. Unfortunately, ‘hate crimes’ are no different. Alleged ‘hate crimes’ are being used as an excuse to let police spy on us in frightening new ways.

    A Boston Police Department (BPD) proposal titled, “Acquiring Technology and Services of Social Media Threats” reveals, a disturbing social media surveillance network.

    DHS/Police are spying on social media in real-time

    Section 7 of the BPD proposal reveals, police are spying on social media in real-time.

    “The Boston Regional Intelligence Center of the BPD, invites proposals from qualified proposers to provide real-time open source and social media threat detection and analysis systems, software, and/or services for use by the Boston Regional Intelligence Center and select law enforcement personnel of the Metro Boston Homeland Security Region.”

    Did you catch that? Not only are police spying on social media in real-time, but DHS is behind it.


  • NYPD Cops Raid Wrong Home, Posting Photo of Handcuffed Family to Snapchat

    New York City cops raided a family’s home in Brooklyn at the break of dawn Thursday, handcuffing every family member while searching the apartment unit for three hours before realizing they had the wrong home and leaving.

    Next thing the family knew, a photo showing them handcuffed while sitting on the couch appeared on Snapchat with the caption, “Merry Christmas it’s NYPD!”.

    Another photo also appeared on Snapchat with the caption “Warrant sweeps Its still a party smh.”

    Now internal affairs is investigating, but have refused to release the names of the officers involved.

    According to ABC 7, which interviewed the family:

    “The worst part was the Snapchats,” Kimberly Santiago said. “That’s what really got to me.”

    “The things that he wrote, it’s like, this what you all do?” Santiago said. “If he did that to, picture how many other families he’s done that to. And he was the only one standing there watching us.”

    “Ya’ll know that when you came to this house, looking for the wrong person that we don’t even know,” she said.

    “We thought he was texting on his phone,” she said. “Because the whole three hours we were sitting here, he was the one standing there. We saw him on his phone, but we didn’t think an officer would do that.”

    The photos appeared in the New York Story feed on Snapchat, which is a smartphone app where photos last 24 hours and receives more than a billion views a year, according to Wikipedia, which describes the app as focusing “on the ephemeral nature of fleeting encounters.”

    UPDATE: The NYPD has suspended the officer who posted the photos to Snapchat, but still have not released his name, according to the New York Post.

    “They broke down the door and shoved a gun in my face and told me not to look up,” resident Eric Almendarez told the Post.

    “How are we supposed to get over that?”



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