The Dork Table Podcast Blog – 2017-05-20

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Words of Wisdom from FlasharooniDork…..
Ds & Ds, in case you missed it last time we will review Judgement Day…

Today will from this moment on be recognized as Judgement Day!!

I will judge you, you will judge me and we will judge them, you will in turn judge me and they will be judging them, follow me here, I know what I’m doing…

If I get a majority judgement of 51% you will do as you are told, if we fall short with a pitiful 49% I will be the winner, I’m sure all this is easy to follow, in politics we call it fuking the pooch…

A recent study indicates my indoctrination thinks your indoctrination sux…

All this and a free copy of the State is your Momma at TDT on RLM at NooN Saturdays with my coHOSTage Gramz…

Thanks for Listening


This is the podcast for The Dork Table Program that airs every Saturday at Noon Eastern Time with your hosts Grammy Mary and Flash

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