The Road Less Traveled Podcast Blog – 2017-10-29

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This is the Podcast of The Road Less Traveled from October 29, 2017


Bouncing Unexpected Guests! Chipotle Stock Downgrade! Heavy-duty Love Making! & More!

A small ruckus breaks out as we discover some old acquaintances unexpectedly manning the station, then we discuss Chipotle, Customer Privacy at TD Bank, Sailors Rescued after 5 Months Lost At Sea, Tape Measure Tips, and More!


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If you look into the abyss long enough it does more than look back at you – it defines you. I used to be all about truth seeking but the truth can make you sick or kill you. That’s why we have so very few real journalists. If you challenge the wrong people they will kill you and get a good night’s sleep. There are countless examples.” – Robert Preston, Artist


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