The Freeker’s Ball with Grimnir & Moosegurl – Podcast Blog: 2018-03-09

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Freekier's Ball BannerIt was quite the newsy show. Moosegurl and I covered many topics.
To start off with it is Freekin’ Daylight Savings Time, again … and we don’t like it!

But we quickly transitioned to talking about some Weed Beers, and all was better. Then we got into all the insane gun-grabber nonsense and moronic laws and policies being implemented (and the resulting lawsuits) surrounding the False-Flag event in Florida. Moosie had a story about two rotten young men from her home town, one of which her sons were friends with years back.

Then there is the creepy laughing from Amazon spy device people pay to have in their homes, in this case the Alexa thing. Why anyone thinks it’s a good idea to have a device in your house that listens to every sound in the house is beyond me. So if I were the device, I would laugh at you too.

We talked a bit about a story from a couple of years ago where a NASA employee admitted that they are spraying Lithium into the air, but then says it’s all perfectly safe for humans and the environment.

There is some exciting news in future eye care, Nanodrops and Bionic Contacts, which both promise to aid your vision in tremendous ways, we will have to wait and see on those.

The Donald has appointed the worst possible person to the Health Department. A “Crusader” against porn and strippers, as well as, if you can believe this, Medical Marijuana.

If you are in England and are looking for a job there is an “opening” for a Sex Doll Tester. This could be a dream job! Also in that area is a new Pork pie ice cream, which could be an enjoyable treat after a day of boinking a plastic girl 😀

They are now exporting fish caught in the area of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. I would avoid those if I were you, unless you are looking to get the little extra glow going.

There is a story about a guy who has previously worked at Area 51 in Nevada who says he was hired to fly a UFO using only his mind and during that flight, which obviously didn’t go well, as his craft was about to crash, he traveled through time, then returned a while later and crashed anyway. I do find it interesting that they refer to the craft as a UFO, being as they were the ones flying, it should well be identified, so … IFO?

Some of the news topics we covered:
° Daylight Saving Time Around the World 2018
° 9 Marijuana Beers for 4/20
° NRA sues Florida over unconstitutional gun law
° Florida swat team members suspended for responding to parkland shooting
° Florida: Ocala man arrested after mother reported finding ISIS material, Koran, in son’s room
° 20-year-old sues Dick’s, Walmart over new gun policies
° Two men charged in connection with Eau Claire burglaries
° Amazon Alexa Users Left Terrified After Device Starts ‘Laughing’ At Them
° $560 million Powerball winner gets cash, plans to donate to charity
° NASA Confesses to Dosing Americans with Air-borne Lithium and Other Chemicals
° “Nanodrops” That Repair Corneas May Ultimately Replace Glasses
° Bionic Contacts: Goodbye Glasses. Hello Vision That’s 3x Better Than 20/20
° Trump names notorious anti-porn crusader who wants stripper registry to Health Department
° Company posts job advert for Brit SEX DOLL tester
° Fukushima flounder exported for first time since nuclear disaster
° ‘Former Area 51 worker’ claims he’s FLOWN a UFO and traveled through TIME
° ‘Insensitive’ Black History Month Meal At NYU Sparks Outrage, Firing

Have a listen and enjoy!

Thanks for listening and peace to you all,
Grimnir & Moosegurl

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PS. If you are listening to the podcast and say to yourself, “Hey, I didn’t hear any music!”, well, you have to tune in live on Friday nights to hear the music 🙂 so come on by next Friday night and join in on the conversation!


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