In A perfect World Podcast Blog – 2019-01-01 – Dottling Coddles with Flash, VinE and Moosegurl

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Contrasting the Occupation

Dottling Coddles
with Flash, VinE and Moosegurl

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Psychotic Maniacs run all Societies, that’s why they work so well.
Out of the #Writersphere and into the #Talkingsphere. #RealLibertyMedia #rlog
topics: Property Taxes, where do they go? Poetry in Poking the Pig & Creative Accounting.Radio Writing Series Fridays NOON CENTRAL (1 pm et) on the RLM Radio *Speakersphere. *
More Easley: (The Pirates Creed)The Philosophy of J.R.R. Tolkien: Why Things Keep Getting Worse – @Wisecrack Edition.Tolkien vs. Lewis on Faith and Fantasy.
#aMused #Artunication @PonderGander

Dotlting .ud [3/3] The unspent [ash] of tobacco or marijuana that accumulates at the bottom of [a pipe] (usually the inside of a [bong])which can be smoked. –
Coddles .ud [3/10] Allowing weak people to [whine] and [sit back] and not get their [work done]. –
“ “ .ud [6/10] [Treating] idiots as if they are intelligent, [informed], aware, and sensitive to a particular [issue], especially at work. –


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Show Page: In A Perfect World with Flash – Considering Perspectives – Tuesdays at 1PM Eastern


This is the podcast for the “In A Perfect World” Show that airs every Tuesday at 1:00 PM eastern.


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