Redneck Dentist Podcast Blog – 2021-03-27 – Episode 05 – Mass Shooting, Myanmar, Liars And More

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Mass Shooting, Myanmar, Liars And More

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Redneck Dentist – Episode 05

Are you believing any of this variant stuff. I am not. No sooner is there a report of a new variant than some state comes out, (Texas) and says the variant has been found in 27 of 29 waste water processing plants in the (I don’t know, state, county?) Is that even possible? I mean it took so long to identify the Covid and I still don’t think they have isolated it correctly enough to say they have isolate it, and we are to believe that now they instantaneously ID a variant and then can somehow text for it in shit water all across the country the next day or week. I don’t think so. I am sure someone will try to convince my by some government report that this is happening, but I am telling you it is NOT. It is virtually impossible, and it is time we start calling a zebra a zebra.

Colorado shooting

Every time I hear about a mass shooting I think to myself “why in the hell didn’t anyone stop them. I mean, I know a lot of people, ones I associate with, are concealed carry people legally or illegally (which I argue there is no illegal way to protect yourself). So, where are those people? My fellow armed citizens? Why aren’t more people carrying? There is only one way to stop someone with a gun. You see it all the time, literally. You can only stop these people with greater firepower. That doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger gun, it mean with greater skills and firepower. “there is no greater love than to lay ones life down for another” but, it is worthless to lay your life down if you don’t take a scumbag down with you, or save other’s lives on the way out. Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Don’t bring mace, or bear spray. Or a comb, or a club, bat, wrench, etc. Bring a fucking gun to a gun fight. Meet evil with overpowering force. Do not let it happen, and there is only one way to prevent it.

Liars should not have guns, lawyers, politicians, Hollywood. They are all liars. They actually make their living being great at lying.
2nd amendment.

Why create more laws when cities already do not enforce the laws they have. Portland got rid of their gun violence reduction team  gun violence has escalated.
# of rifles used in shootings vs pistols used?

College research is a lie. Research only funded if it agrees with the currier narrative.  So even science is no longer factual. You get money to produce lies that fit the narrative.

Ship in the Suez canal got blown off course? I mean the channel is not wide enough for there to be a “course”

Myanmar gun policies

Doc’s Homestead – drone video


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The universe is a crazy place. Let’s see if we can explore it together.

Anyway, just listen to podcast and enjoy.

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