Redneck Dentist Podcast Blog – 2021-04-03 – Episode 06 – Learned Helplessness, Goats, Cyber Security

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Learned Helplessness,
Goats, Cyber Security

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Redneck Dentist – Episode 06

Why meat goats?

Land management, milk, meat. They are not too big to handle, doesn’t mean it is easy.

Goats browse rather than graze. That means they eat brush or vines, makes them compatible with cows or horses because they don’t really compete for the same foods.

Goat browsing is safer and more effective than using chemicals, because you can convert your goat to meat, sell it vs buying chemicals to control weeds and brush.

Goat milk and goat cheese

Naturally homogenized milk

Casiease – causes cholesterol formation in your arteries. Casiease is produce from cow milk when it is homogenized, or beaten until the fats are all the same size 0 homogenized

Goat milk is naturally homogenized.

It also tastes WAY better than store bought cow milk

Also, and I have experienced this, goat milk can be used in instances where a baby can not tolerate mom’s milk or formula.

Red Neck Moment of the week

Rochelle and I had to seed about two acres of our property

Hand crank seeder, seed, quad, driver, trailer, Rochelle in the trailer, filling the hand spreader, and spreading the seed. Hey, work with what you have right?

Learned Helplessness

Learned Helplessness

Read from Corbett report –

Do you think this story is ridiculous? Of course it is. But the situation it describes is all too true. In fact, researchers have known for half a century the mechanism by which people can be made to effectively lock themselves up inside their own mental prison . . . and it didn’t take long for the intelligence agencies to put that research to use.

by 2001 Seligman had pioneered a new branch of cognitive psychology called “positive psychology,” with which he sought to help people overcome their learned helplessness (more on which later). As part of that work, Seligman delivered a lecture at the San Diego Naval Base in May 2002 on how his research could help American personnel to—in his own words—”resist torture and evade successful interrogation by their captors.”

Dr. Jim Mitchell, a military retiree and psychologist who had contracted to provide training services to the CIA. Although Seligman had no idea of it at the time, Mitchell was—as we now know—one of the key architects of the CIA’s illegal torture program.

Mitchell’s interest in Seligman’s talk was not in how it could be applied to help American personnel overcome learned helplessness and resist torture but rather how it could be used to induce learned helplessness in a CIA target and enhance torture. As The New York Times described in a report on the subject in 2009:

Dr. Mitchell, colleagues said, believed that producing learned helplessness in a Qaeda interrogation subject might ensure that he would comply with his captor’s demands. Many experienced interrogators disagreed, asserting that a prisoner so demoralized would say whatever he thought the interrogator expected.

Mitchell got his way and, equally unsurprisingly, those submitted to these techniques began to say whatever their interrogators expected, exactly as predicted. Mitchell and his colleague, Dr. Bruce Jessen, helped direct the 2002 “interrogation” of Abu Zubaydah—who was waterboarded 83 times in a single month—and the supposed 9/11 “mastermind,” Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who “confessed” to the 9/11 plot after being waterboarded 183 times and sleep deprived for over six days. Mitchell himself even personally threatened to cut the throat of KSM’s son during one interrogation.

These techniques were so effective that, not only did they produce the testimony that formed the backbone of the 9/11 Commission Report (and thus, to this day form the backbone of the official 9/11 story), they also caused KSM to confess to targeting a bank that wasn’t even founded until after his arrest! Talk about results!

The would-be social engineers know this already. This is precisely why we are asked to fixate on the never-ending (s)election sideshow circus. As I have pointed out time and time again, not only is the entire concept of “electing” “representatives” to impose their will on the entire population of an arbitrary geographical location fundamentally immoral, it is also a sure way to induce learned helplessness in the population.

Learned helplessness. It didn’t take long to get the entire population of the world to submit to wrongfully wielded power, power that wasn’t even theirs to wield.

J and J “vaccine” recalled due to human error

Recall due to human error

Like we are to believe that humans are mixing this vaccine up with test tubes, flasks, pipettes and other assorted glassware? I can almost guarantee you this was not human error, but now that the government wants to establish these public/ private partnerships, currently cyber security, they certainly would not want us to know that a computer or software caused this error.

By the way, why were 2.5 MILIION dislikes removed from Biden’s white house videos? white house dislikes removed by YT

USA can’t do it without private partners

The government does not have the capacity to achieve our nation’s cyber resilience alone,” Mayorkas in an address at the RSA Conference. “So much of our critical infrastructure is in the private sector’s hands… our government got hacked last year and we didn’t know about it for months. It wasn’t until one of the world’s best cybersecurity companies got hacked itself and alerted the government that we found out. This incident is one of many that underscores a need for the federal government to modernize cybersecurity defenses and deepen our partnerships.”


Thank You for tuning in and/or listening to the podcast.

The universe is a crazy place. Let’s see if we can explore it together.

Anyway, just listen to podcast and enjoy.

Thanks Everyone!


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