Redneck Dentist Podcast Blog – 2021-04-10 – Episode 07 – Bleeding, Linux, Kids At The Border

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Bleeding, Linux, Kids At The Border

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Redneck Dentist – Episode 07

Red Neck Moment of the Week RNMW

Great show Grimnir and Moosegurl. You can check out any time you like but you can never leave. Another great “Free your Mind” episode.

And a first aid tip – all bleeding eventually stops

Talk about the injury to my arm and the direct pressure required to manage it.

Linux vs Microsuk

Human Trafficking at the border

Okay, I wanted to talk a little bit about Linux. My most recent ordeal.

First of all, I have used Linux since 1999. Yes, I made the switch due to the millennial date change that was happening at the end of that year and all the talk about what that was going to do with your electronic equipment, especially your computers. I was so glad I made the switch too. That computer ran for a solid year without one single problem. Took me well into the year 2000. Since then I have used Linux solely, until last May/June.

For some reason I decided I wanted to experience gaming. I had played earlier in life but had not played for a decade or more. I have a PS4, but I would hear people talk about playing on PC. So, thought I would give it a shot. I built a new system, very nice, great graphics card, lots of memory, great processor, big box, lots of cooling. Fancy monitors, and Windows/Linux as a dual boot machine. I am no Linux expert, but I have lots of experience in programming/hacking.

Now I knew I would be using Windows as I couldn’t find a way to play the games I wanted to play on Linux.

So off I went into the terrible sucky world of MSW. So, for about a year it was “OKAY”. When I wanted to play I would fire up the Windz side and play and when I did anything else I would use my trusty Linux machine. If I wanted to do something special I could always find a Linux program to do it. All but playing games. Yes, Linux does have some limitations, but we will get back to that, maybe.

About a week ago, several of my installed programs would not work on my windows machine.

I rebooted, several times. About one in ten times I would get those programs to start. I searched the web for solutions tried a few, still same problem. I still have the same problem, I think… I won’t shut it down until I am done with this show and then spend some time trying to figure it out. The bottom line is, I know it is MS. The programs are not the problem. I have installed and reinstalled them a few times. They work on Linux, so I know it isn’t a web/connectivity thing.

So, I will be chatting with and MS helper sometime this week. I am making sure I have everything for this show set up on Linux. I know it isn’t really that complicated but I like to know everything will work the way I want it to, before I do it.

Now, with Linux, and I recommend everyone use Linux, I NEVER have this problem. There are so many “types” or varieties of Linux, and they are all as easy to install as Windoze. You will find a “flavor” to suit you. You will have a browser, email, office program. You can have twitter, instagram, etc. You can have it all, and it is free. Not only is it free, but all updates are free. The software is maintained by the community of Linux users and as per it’s non license license, it has to be free. You can also keep your windows and install Linux, or even just start linux in windows and play with it. If you decide you like it you can install it and give yourself a choice to start your computer in Windows or the much more stable and safe Operating system, Linux.

Linux may be considered offensive (see Gates and Soros as the new offensive language policing police) I swear someone posted on RLM IRC that Soros and Gates were going to head up a group to define hate speech or fake news. That should be interesting, right? I am sure Billy would love to somehow stop Linux. The Apache Web server is far more popular, or used more than the MS server.

Volunteers? At the Border?

DHS Seeks Volunteers to Assist With ‘Overwhelming’ Surge at Southern Border

By Isabel van Brugen

March 9, 2021 Updated: March 10, 2021

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is seeking volunteers from among its agencies to assist in dealing with an “overwhelming” migrant surge at the U.S.-Mexico border, as the Biden administration continues to deny that there’s a crisis.

Today, I activated the Volunteer Force to support Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as they face a surge in migration along the Southwest Border,” DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in an email to employees on March 8, obtained by several news outlets.

You have likely seen the news about the overwhelming numbers of migrants seeking access to this country along the Southwest Border,” Mayorkas said.

President Biden and I are committed to ensuring our Nation has a safe, orderly, and humane imigration system while continuing to balance all of the other critical DHS missions.”

Border Kids, Liars and “kind” politics

Who, by the way think that children are safer traveling alone, crossing the border, being taken in to crowded living conditions, put in facilities, then who knows, foster homes? Relatives other than parents? Than with their parents? The only people who could think this are the same people who put zero value on human life. The same people who created the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act” An Act written by Obama, that allows babies who are being aborted late term, let’s say 9 months, if they accidentally slip out before their spinal cord is scrambled, are “allowed” to be set aside and “protected”. Protected you think? A good thing, right? Except they are “Protected” from receiving any life saving measures or treatment. In other words, they are set aside, in a sink or whatever, until they die. Because apparently, you can’t kill them once they leave the birth canal. So, they are born alive, left to die. Yes, those are the same people that will promote border crossing hoping that the same human beings that they would let die in a sink at birth, will grow up to support their agendas. Evil can not exist


Thank You for tuning in and/or listening to the podcast.B

The universe is a crazy place. Let’s see if we can explore it together.

Anyway, just listen to podcast and enjoy.

Thanks Everyone!


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