Redneck Dentist Podcast Blog – 2022-03-05 – Episode 66 Food Price Pressures

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Food Price Pressures


Redneck Dentist

Sometimes I just have to tell a story or two.


Quiet weekend here, kids and grandkids are off for a weekend trip.

Next weekend they are headed out for a longer trip, maybe a week.


Homestead/ Gardening Segment

We added a dome. It is awesome, like a green house but geodesic.

We are going to be doing some bartering for food. We are going to raise meat chickens, and trade for some goat milk.

We have fertilized the north pasture and haven’t decided what we are going to grow up there if anything, but the very least, we will put some rye grass and a pasture mix up there.

We are also looking for more implements for the machines we have on this little slice of heaven.

We have to make some repairs to the deer fencing to protect our food plots and the young trees we put in this year.


If you think inflation is going away any time soon:

War – effect on food prices here in the USA

Drought, still in California, Klamath Basin (Oregon)

  • What crops come out of Cali – More specifically, crops grown in the Valley include rice, almonds, walnuts, plums, peaches, tomatoes, wheat, olives, corn, alfalfa, pears, sunflowers, grapes, kiwifruit, and hay.
  • Fuel prices increase which will increase the cost of all crops due to farmers having to pay higher prices, truckers having to pay more for fuel.
  • What food does Russia produce that we buy – hardly any. But oil and mining will effect food prices directly.
  • The cost of fuel will continue to go up as long as we continue to buy Russian energy products.
  • What could we learn about how important energy is from the current situation involving Russia and Ukraine?
  • Nuclear Power plants in Ukraine are said to be, at least one of them is considered the largest Nuke plant in Europe. That is going to hurt those countries that depended on that energy, especially when Russia takes control and then will make the NATO nations that ‘helped’ Ukraine pay for that energy. See how important having your own energy is? If someone else controls your energy source, they will control at least a part of you.
  • Look at the USA right now. We cut off our own oil production and are importing Russian oil. So, are we handcuffed in our dealing with Russia and the Ukraine crisis? I would say we are. We still would not want to have any direct conflict with Russia as far as the war goes, but we look weak because the current administration CAN NOT even begin to discuss opening up drilling for oil in this country. The environmentalist have this admin hogtied, and there really isn’t any other good solution when it comes to getting fossil fuels. In fact, no matter what world scenario may come, there is NO good reason NOT to harvest our own natural resources.
  • It just looks better for YOUR political allies, the green party if you ruin the earth somewhere else. If you’re one who believes that harvesting oil actually harms the earth.


Oregon passes law for farm workers to get overtime pay.

Farm Worker Overtime

Remember what has happened with the minimum wage increase? Mcdonald’s and others have gone to kiosks

Farmers, like other employers will seek the solution which saves them the most money. So, automation (see my podcast on John Deere’s automated commercial harvesters), absolutely, NO OVERTIME, they will just hire more workers, if they are available, and have them work fewer hours to avoid any overtime and many other costs of having full time employees.

You know, it is strange, few farm workers actually support this idea, but remember, we don’t care what THEY want. The woke culture wants everyone in poverty, there really is no other explanation for it.

This will likely increase the cost to farmer


The universe is a crazy place. Let’s see if we can explore it together.

Anyway, just listen to the podcast and enjoy.

Thanks Everyone!


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