Ammon Bundy in FBI: Most Wanted, Rangeland

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“Activate the National Guard. We don’t want another Ammon Bundy standoff.”

The CBS TV Series, FBI: Most Wanted’s episode, Rangeland drops Ammon Bundy’s name in this week’s episode.

Primetime TV adds to a cacophony of fear as a quiet war rages in the American West. Most people are unaware of the significance, but for many years now, rancher Cliven Bundy and his family have been in this battle, front and center. His son, Ammon is catching major flack in retaliation for daring resist. Here is but the latest in that barrage.

(Toquop Wash April 12th, 2014 near Bunkerville, Nevada)

(Image: Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon. January 21, 2016. Facebook Screen Capture, Jason Whitmore)

Ammon Bundy Name Drop☆CBS TV Series, FBI: Most Wanted – Rangelan

You can listen to Ammon talk about it on his YouTube channel:

Watch on CBS App:

Excerpts related to Grazing and the BLM: FBI: Most Wanted Season 4, Episode 18 Rangeland Transcript.

“There’s been tension between Land Management and some of the locals.
These ranchers lease federal land to graze a herd.
There are 18 million acres of federal land here in Wyoming. The Bureau of Land Management is responsible for all of them.
Some of them think that they’re entitled to graze for free
When they refuse to pay on their leases, the law says that we can take their livestock as collateral.
He stopped paying his grazing fees five years ago.
A lot of folks out here don’t take kindly to Land Management.
But other than his issues with Land Management, Will Dewey is an upstanding citizen. He was born and raised on the ranch. He graduated from local high school. He has no criminal record.
Like paying the Bureau of Land Management for grazing rights?
The U.S. government has no rights to land outside of Washington D.C. and that the Bureau of Land Management is nothing but a cartel
He quotes and misquotes the Constitution all the time. I mean, state counties are sovereign, sheriffs are the highest law of the land. We get the picture.
they tried to seize the cattle,
They’ve got rancher friends all over the county.
What’s that? It’s a mini Constitution.
Now is the time that we, the people, take back our county.
How far back was your family running cattle in that allotment? Since before Land Management was chartered,
And why did the Feds close that access road in the first place, Sully? To protect an endangered species. A damn snail. A snail.
These ranchers are up to something. Notify the governor and ask them to activate the National Guard. We don’t want another Ammon Bundy standoff, and this could be worse.”

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