Freeker’s Ball Podcast Archives

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Here are the Podcasts from the Freeker’s Ball show that takes place at 11:00 PM Eastern every Friday Night with your hosts Grimnir and Moosegurl.

A new recording is added each week after the show of the talking part of the shows (The music we play is edited out).
Here are the podcasts, Enjoy

Click on Episode Link to Listen or Download

3 thoughts on “Freeker’s Ball Podcast Archives

  1. What’s up freaks?

    Just wanted to say that I met Moosegurl through chat and found the freakers ball. I live for this shit. Real down to earth uncensored talk radio and chat. I am currently listening to your podcasts and working my way backwards. Good shit . You two both together, holy shit, just love it. Moose and Squirrel, (yes) Grimnir sounds like Squirrely Dan from LetterKenny. Just except it.

    Anywho, you guys are fucking awesome. I look forward to chat with Moosegurl on aftermath and me thinks that Grimnir should join up and spread his infinite wisdom as well .

    We need more people to join the resistance.

    I will throw you guys some change soon in the donation box soon.

    I understand that we all love to do our own thing, but we need to all come together into larger platforms and stick it to the man, Straight Up His Ass

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