Delusional Realities

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The Delusional Realities Radio Show is an informal presentation featuring an eclectic mix of seldom-heard music and occasional  informational-based programming. The broadcasts air on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between the morning hours of 11 and 12 Eastern Time, on Channels 1 and 19, here on Real Liberty Media. Hosted by O’Reilly Hertz, aka anteye, or anti_theocon.


I make every effort to directly monitor IRC chat during show times. Your input and interactions are always welcome.  The chat can be accessed over the web from the website, from Channel 1, RLM news channel, where my feed can be heard also in addition to the player below. Also, here is the media player link for the direct Shoutcast feed;

To listen live during regularly-scheduled show times, use this player;

—or in ur winamp-compliant media player—

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