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Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – Jun 25, 2023

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Redneck Dentist Podcast Blog – 2021-05-15 – Episode 12 – Dexter, Chinese Prof, Prep Plan, Slavery

My Saturday prep from morning coffee to RLM t shirt
Town trip, people ask about the shirt/website.
Going to do some short shots on Rumble

Red Neck Moment of the Week RNMW
BBQ country ribs going on here today
Dexter! Here is an image
RC rock Crawler
great for relaxing and distracting your mind
great for getting outdoors
great for lightening your wallet
Really fun for everyone

Dental Story of the Week
The emergency I had in the dental clinic last week ended up being a pretty significant stroke.

Prep of the week
Why prepare? What are the threats?
Natural disasters: earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, snow, sun, tsunami’s
Climate change
Astronomical events, coronal mass ejections, meteors,
Economic upheaval
Social Unrest
War and Nuclear threats
Ransom Ware Attacks

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