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Grammys Rocket Chair

Grammy’s Rocket Chair on a WHACK-A-DOODLE Wednesday!

Thoughts, Words, Deeds……. Although they ALL have a certain amount of “Power”……. Thoughts are merely the Concept, the Idea, the Perspective of One’s Views…… Words are merely a Means to Communicate the aforementioned…… but DEEDS, they are the Permanent Ones, the actual Putting to Action of those Thoughts & Words…… or the Physical Manifestation, if you will, of the other two…..

One might think that Your Deeds carry the most weight, have the most Power…… and in a way, they are…… but they are Totally Dependent Upon AT LEAST Your Initial “Thought”. So, the Key is “Do You THINK for Yourself or do you ALLOW Others to do Your Thinking For You?”!

When you listen to the “News” or Another Person’s Opinion, do you automatically take whatever you’re told at Face Value or do you question…… a.k.a. Use a bit of Critical Thinking???

Right now, there is A Lot being “Said” by those that are “Mouthpieces” in the public eye…… Word Games are being Played……. Attempts are being made to “Sway” YOUR thoughts, words & actions…… Is It Working??? Are You just taking it all in??? OR, are you Verifying, Researching, Applying Critical Thinking to this whole process???

No matter what anyone else Says or Does…… YOU need to realize that it is Entirely Up To YOU as to How You Think, Speak or Behave! There Are NO Excuses! YOUR Words & Deeds are what You will be Judged By……. because Thoughts can be Fleeting but once it’s Acted Upon by either Words or Deeds, the Glory or Damage is Done…… and then it’s just a matter of Reaping the Benefits or Cleaning Up the Mess!

I just keep thinking…… there’s a Lot of “War Drums” being beaten right now…… It’s Time for ALL of Us to take a moment and Do some Critical Thinking & Brain Storming BEFORE a Mess gets Made that We ALL Pay For! Now, more than ever, We NEED to Learn from the Past so We Don’t Repeat It!

Thank You for Listening! Please keep all those dealing with the Hurricanes & Earthquakes in your Thoughts & Prayers!

Much Love ~ Grammy

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#earthquakes #hurricanes #politics #truth #word_games


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