The Dork Table Podcast Blog – 2017-04-15


D’s & D’s and others, here we are 3 fukin months into the new TRUclintonMP administration and we have another lying cunt bombing foreigners for the love of the petrodollar. Some people thought WW III was never gonna happen thanks to the new savior sitting in that old seat, what a surprise…On the brite side, Pelosi and the usual suspects are still at large raping and stealing like drunken priests at a Chucky Cheese on a windy tuesday afternoon…WW III is right on schedule, gold is going up and the war on drugs is expected to make a profit for the 45th year in a row…All this and the latest news from the Moosalvanian Beer Making Team at TDT on RLM at NooN Eastern Time Saturdays with my coHOSTage GramZDork


This is the podcast for The Dork Table Program that airs every Saturday at Noon Eastern Time with your hosts Grammy Mary and Flash

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