To the World

To the World – By Tao It’s sad…this is the country we live in.. being run by thieves and liars. Though the “normal” are so blind at what is truly going on. Soon it will be, that we must protect ourselves and our loved ones. Though other countries will watch as our lands crumble. And for […]

Stop The Madness 6

Stop the Madness – By Tao I am so tired of being told…. You can eat this, it is good for you or don’t worry about that, it is for your safety or even, and this is my favorite, don’t worry about what is going on over seas, it is not here and you will all […]

The Game In Play

The Game In Play – By Tao Each and every person has their own time for waking up, their own destiny, shall we say. Whether it be the one who protests, hacks for truth, watches the environmental disasters, or even those who watch the universal show. We all have our journeys, our paths that we must […]

The Change

The Change – By Tao The winds of change begin to roar, the waters beat upon the shore. The darkness falls, the sun no longer in the halls. The screams piercing through the ear, so loud it’s all you hear. Blood runs in rivers down the street, the sight takes you off your feet. The buildings […]