Stop The Madness

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Stop the Madness – By Tao

I am so tired of being told….

You can eat this, it is good for you or don’t worry about that, it is for your safety or even, and this is my favorite, don’t worry about what is going on over seas, it is not here and you will all be fine. You know what, we will not be fine.We will not be fine when the radiation from Fuk-U-shima comes more inland than it already has. We will not be fine when all of our crops are grown by Monsanto’s hand, we will not be fine when all of our water is full of fluoride or better yet, the lakes and ponds have dried up from the government hoarders and the mass consumers. We will not be fine when you take our children from us and brainwash them to YOUR ways.

I am TIRED of being told everything will be fine…

It angers me to think that so many people out there are blinded to all of this. They continue on with no cares, no worries. They take in this brainwashing BS and just continue on with their lives. This has got to stop. These plans to destroy all of us has got to end. Their drills, their subliminal messages, their stock piling… HAS GOT TO STOP.

The more research I find.. the articles, public laws, the video of testimonies are angering me more and more each day. I can not say “I just don’t give a fuck anymore, they will do what they want”. That is not me. I will not keep silent, I will not comply with their agenda.


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6 thoughts on “Stop The Madness

  1. then, why do you keep listening? if you don’t like being told what to do by whatever voices, it baffles me as to why you listen to them…

  2. I think you all know what it will take to stop this. There are clues to life in the Bible. People should go to the source if they want to know what is really happening and I don’t mean just the book of Revelations, specifically. “They” are using the Bible against us like a director uses a screenplay. Seriously, if you want to know what is going to happen next…read the Bible for yourself. You won’t get the truth in the churches as religion itself is a political tool, and politics is a religious tool. If you can’t understand it, ask GOD of Heaven to give you the wisdom to understand. He will. There is a “they” and “they” follow an ancient religion. They are very aware of the GOD of heaven and do everything in their power to discredit and pervert Him. “You will know them by their fruits.”

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