To the World

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To the World – By Tao

It’s sad…this is the country we live in.. being run by thieves and liars. Though the “normal” are so blind at what is truly going on. Soon it will be, that we must protect ourselves and our loved ones. Though other countries will watch as our lands crumble. And for what? All in the name of WAR.
   This country is known for “the home of the brave”. The brave have become us. Those who choose to stand and no longer buy into their control and agenda. I ask myself daily, have I done everything I can to wake those around me up? Have I used my voice enough? Have I cared enough for the things I believe in, to help stop this from happening. We no longer live in a dream society. We live in a country that has taken our dreams from us and replaced them with false visions of happiness.


   Till that day comes when my final breathe is taken, I will stand for the dreams my family set forth on the lands they called home, be proud of who I am, where I came from, and what I have achieved. If tomorrow comes and all of this is taken away, know my friends.. I gave everything I had to protect life itself.

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