RLM News – December 13th, 2011

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The U.S. Military/Government/Global Bankster Controllers send a drone
in to Iran’s airspace and Iran manages to capture it. Then Obama says
he wants his toy back. Iran says no and demands an apology from the U.S. for
invading it’s territory. Former VP, war-monger in chief, who refuses to
either shut up or die, Dick Cheney, suggests that an air strike into
Iran is called for to make sure the enemy does not have the technology.
I am beginning to wonder if the U.S. didn’t send that drone, possibly a
crippled and false version of the real thing in to Iran to be
‘captured’ on purpose as another excuse to attack them.

Meanwhile, back in the Land of the Fear and Home of the Slaves, your
(s)elected ‘representatives’ are busy making sure that if you aren’t
fully in agreement with everything they say and do that you can and
will be labeled a ‘terrorist’ and subject to
indefinite military detention without any charges being
brought, without a trial and without anyone knowing what has happened
to you, under their newly minted National Defense Authorization Act

All government is, is force. They use various tools to get you
to quietly comply with them and unless the people wake up and stand up
against the tyranny, the tyrants have no reason to change their tactics.

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News on Channel 1 – December 13th, 2011.

NDAA Shreds the Constitution –

Drone home: Iran rejects returning ‘war booty’ to

10 Ridiculous Things That Make You a Terror Suspect

2012: Obama Insists on Indefinite Detention for Americans. What Is
Global Explained
NDAA Shreds the Constitution

­Iran says Obama should apologize for downed

Seychelles drone crash raises more questions
about security
Predator Drone Used in Arrest of Farmer  

10 Ridiculous Things That Make You a Terror

US troops surround Syria on the eve of

False Rumor That Straight of Hormuz Was
Closed Sends Oil Prices Skyrocketing

Update: It’s Not On Just Yet: Iran Denies
Earlier Reports:… Iran Closes Straits Of Hormuz, Oil Explodes

Sheriff’s Department Sponsors Secret Meeting
On Small Government ‘Terrorists’

Norway butter shortage threatens Christmas
treats – $500 a pound butter

Links Not Covered during Live Broadcast

The U.S. Hands the Terrorists a Big Win
If you support government police, you
support institutionalized rape, murder, and plunder

Iran says Obama should apologise for downed drone

4 Legitimate Reasons NOT to vote for Ron Paul

False Rumor That Straight of Hormuz Was Closed Sends Oil Prices Skyrocketing

Mortgage Bonds Rally as Fed Backstop Seen
Gary Johnson: Gingrich ‘proposed the death
penalty for marijuana’

How the Debt Crisis Will End – Cato Institute
Go to jail… and pay $140 a night: Inmates to
be charged bed and board to help balance the books

Lawmakers agitated over lack of MF Global

Students lie dead in a Mexican street after
clash with government officers ‘over education standards’

Jon Stewart: Ron Paul Did So Well In The
Debate The Media Remembered To Talk To Him After

Tens Of Millions Of American Families Are
Living On The Edge Of Desperation – And The Economy Is About To Get A
Whole Lot Worse

Ron Paul supporters crash, mock Newt
Gingrich’s party

Rock hall of fame snubs red-state favorites
Mega Fail: 17 Signs That The European
Financial System Is Heading For An Implosion Of Historic Proportions

Ron Paul Just Nabbed Iowa’s Biggest Youth

Future Money Trends: Paper Price Suppression
Has Made Silver the Biggest Buy Ever

In U.S., Fear of Big Government at
Near-Record Level

Mistaken Verizon emergency alert scares N.J.
Mystery kidney disease in Central America

Scott Bell – Ron Paul Is The Health Freedom Candidate

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