RLM News – December 16th, 2011

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What would you call the state of the current global economy? A blog
posting I shared on the show today gives the options of recession,
depression or recovery. I suggest to you a fourth, and to me the only
accurate possible option, a collapse. If you picture a recession or a
depression you can see from a level, a drop followed at some point by a
rise back to that, or close to, previous level. In a collapse, that
rise never occurs. I don’t see where that rise has occurred and I see
no reason that it will again occur, at least, not as long as the
current Bankster/government controllers are running the show and the
fiat currency system. There are too many burdens to allow a free market
to exist, hence, no recovery.

Can getting Ron Paul elected as the next U.S. President change all of
that? Maybe. First, even if the President was not merely a puppet of
the global corporate Banksters, the President only has certain powers
to change things. Ron Paul, as I think everyone knows, would not exceed
the powers spelled out in the U.S. Constitution. He could certainly end
the Federal Reserve, put an end to the numerous wars and the repressive
regulatory environment that currently exists, which benefits those
corporations who have purchased the U.S. Congress and write the laws
which will keep them strong and any competition weak or non-existent. I
do think in the long run, if he survived it and was able to change the
culture in D.C. it could well change the world to a freer and more
prosperous place for all.

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Liberty, & Indefinite Detention Without A Trial” – M.O.C. #100


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