RLM News – December 20th, 2011

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People are disgusted with what the global elitists (Banksters, CLAP,
GOP, Democrats, etc.) have been shoving down their throats. Many no
longer believe a single word coming from these murderous, lying,
thieving, scumbags. It is easy to see when someone is speaking the
truth against them how they slander that person in an attempt to
destroy that person’s credibility. Ron Paul is a Truth Teller and the
global elitists hate him for it. People are seeing that not only is he
telling the truth, but that he has a decades long record on acting on
principle and not being corrupted or bought by the elitists. The
globalists are doing all they can to make you, at a minimum, question
Ron Paul’s character. They are failing, miserably.

If, or should I say when, Ron Paul wins the Iowa Caucuses on January
3rd, 2012, it may not be ‘Game Over Man!” for them, but it will make
their deception and lies harder to sell. Don’t think for a second that
they will give up without a fight or that they don’t have a huge
arsenal of  dirty tricks up their sleeves. They will try in
every possible way to get you to turn against Ron Paul. Failing that,
which I am sure they will, who knows what they will pull out of their bag of
dirty tricks. It wont be easy or pretty for Ron Paul to win the GOP
nomination and it may well destroy the GOP as it is structured today,
so fight they will. In the end, I hope he can manage to pull off a
victory in spite of all that he will have to face in getting there.

People need to be free. Personal liberty and freedom are fundamental,
natural rights. If you decide to give up those rights to some phony
authority it will eventually either kill you or drive you mad. While
Ron Paul is part of government, an entity which is only in place due to
it’s violent nature, he is for a much less intrusive and violent
version of that entity. I therefore urge anyone who still thinks that
government needs to exist, to vote for Dr. Ron Paul when you get the
opportunity and to also urge those you know to consider doing the same.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity will be your reward should this man get
elected and chop government down to size.

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TELL THE TRUTH – Ron Paul Song 2011
/ 2012 by DJ von Mises – Video

Ron Paul scares GOP establishment in Iowa

Ron Paul scares GOP establishment in Iowa
police state as it looks for detainment camp contractors
Take a close look at this Diet Pepsi can and ask yourself if there is something very very wrong??

Candidate Match Game 

ABC News – Presidential Match-O-Matic

THE TRUTH – Ron Paul Song by DJ von Mises

Will Ron Paul kill the caucuses?
WHOA: Rush Limbaugh Just Destroyed The
‘Republican Establishment’

list of hit pieces from this morning

Paul, the Fringe Frontrunner

Featured Story:
Take a close look at this Diet Pepsi can and ask yourself if there is
something very very wrong??

Need Help!!!!!Dream of 2 Big Earthquakes

Future Riot Shields Will Suffocate
Protestors with Low Frequency Speakers

Bank of America shares close below $5
IBM: Mind reading is less than five years
away. For real.

Merkel Takes Vacation as Debt Crisis Festers
Rand Paul Shuts Down US Senate Committee,
Stops Bogus Bloated Pseudo-Education Bill By Demanding Senators Follow
Their Own Rules

Blizzard makes travel ‘dangerous’ or
‘impossible’ in parts of West, Midwest

STALEMATE: House Republicans Reject Senate
Payroll Tax Cut Deal

Links Not Covered during Live Broadcast

Secrecy Obstructs Accountability: How the
Drone War Will Help Get Obama Reelected

WHO Owns the Des Moines REGISTER ???? BAIN

First Amendment Under Attack: 18 Examples Of
How They Are Coming For Our Free Speech

Future Riot Shields Will Suffocate Protestors with Low Frequency SpeakersU.S. Considers Combating Somali Militants’
Twitter Use

British Prepare Evacuation Plans Ahead of
Spain and Portugal Collapse

Homefront Videogame Predicts Kim Jong-il’s

Media: Kim Jong Il Was Brilliant – Here’s
How Well Socialism Works Under a Genius

FDIC Bank Closures – The Big Picture
Gingrich: Send U.S. Marshals to compel
‘radical’ judges to explain rulings

Eurozone bank failures could cause U.S.
credit squeeze: Kaufman

Celente Warns of 2012: Economy Will Crash,
Banks Will Close, Chaos Will Ensue, Military Will Take Over

Ron Paul: People call me racist because my
‘policies are winning’

Ron Paul racist rant caught on tape! OMG! OMG!


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