RLM News – December 23rd, 2011

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America, The United States of, has become a full blown
police state, complete with all kinds of “Show me your papers”
checkpoints, submit to unwarranted searches, no expectation of privacy
anywhere, at any time. You thought that you were safe from the TSA
thugs if you didn’t fly on commercial airlines, you thought that you
could say what you liked and be protected by the first amendment, you
thought that you were safe from being raided by government agents in
your home unless they had a warrant. None of those things are true any
longer. America is no longer the land of the free or the home of brave.

How can this be reversed? How can America, or any other country, become
the land of the free? I only see one way, with one or two possible
paths to getting there. The first thing that has to occur is “enough”
people have to actually see what has happened and say no, no more, we
have had it and we are going to put a stop to it. Then they have to be
willing to either withdraw from the system as much as possible which
will remove the power and control over them that the government takes
for granted. Another possible, and far more attainable solution, is for
people to elect Ron Paul as the next president of the United States.

I believe Dr. Paul will do what he says he will as far as diminishing
the size and scope of government. I believe him because of his long,
long record of doing exactly has as he said he would. He is a man of
principle. I certainly don’t agree with everything he says, but I will
certainly take his approach over that of any of the globalist puppets
who are currently running against him.

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