RLM News – January 4th, 2012

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DC Tea Party Founder Endorses Ron PaulLast night’s Iowa
Caucus went about as expected. Not as it should have, or would have,
had it been an honest process, but it isn’t. It is of course a good
thing that Ron Paul gets the word about personal liberty out there, to
the mush-minded masses. It is also good that so many seem to be
receptive to the message.

We are fighting against a very large and powerful machine. A machine of
global power that is so far ingrained into the psyche of the American
population that even showing them what life could be like without it
frightens the hell out almost all of them. Ron Paul doesn’t want to end
the machine, he just wants to try and make it’s reach more limited,
which in reality is probably the best we could hope for considering the
fear people have of living without it. They believe it protects them
and provides for them. It does neither, it actually does the opposite.
It feeds off them and threatens their very existence by it’s actions.
One step at a time though. Opening peoples eyes and minds to what a
free world might look like, a world without the force and coercion of
government, is a huge first step, a step I thought might be

I do not think the machine will allow Ron Paul to beat it. The good
thing there is, it is not just Ron Paul. It is all those listening to
his words and ideas. The main reason, in my view, that Ron Paul’s
supporters never went away after the 2008 election cycle is that the
concept of freedom had reached them. Parts of the movement were
co-opted and corrupted by the machine, but the core of it remained pure
and intact. That is what you are seeing now, in this election cycle. It
is confounding to the machine, they despise the thought of you
brainwashed slaves seeing that without them life would be better. They
know that if that concept ever reaches critical mass, they are
finished. Realize and insist that 2 plus 2 is 4, no matter how many
times the machine tells you other wise.

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recording of the show
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1984 by George Orwell / Nineteen
Eighty-Four / Film Movie


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