Background Checks are gun confiscation

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right-to-bear-arms If you support background checks for gun or ammunition purchases, you are supporting a gun ban which will eventually lead to your right to self-defense being taken from you. It seems that most people are ok with preventing felons and the mentally unstable from owning weapons.

There is a huge problem with that kind of thinking in that the state can declare anything you do as a reason to place you into one of those categories. If you don’t blindly agree with and believe everything the government says, you will be declared mentally unstable. If you have the nerve to actually speak out against any of the government’s policies, you will be declared a felon.

If you believe in your natural right to self-defense, against criminals and tyranny or if you support the Constitution and 2nd amendment protections, you should be absolutely opposed to any kind of background check or gun regulations. This includes the need for ANY gun license, registration or concealed carry permits.

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