Some Thoughts on Violence and Class Domination

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What is a human to do? Not a clue. I do not condone use of violence, nor do I believe that we can own the means of administering it. Not particularly weapons of destruction, but any means of domination.

Our government was devised as a means of domination, and not to free us the people, from the crown, but to control us. The elites had their own reasons for wishing to divorce their business dealings from the crown. But crowd control was an added benefit to recruiting the common man to the ‘just’ cause of liberty. In short, it kept him off the streets(for a little while), and given, the elites in the colonies were more scared of combined slave/indian/lower class free white men insurrections than they were of the British. 

The more one studies history, the more they see the same old stuff over and over again; Domination of the elitist few over the dispossessed many, and the age old trickery involved in keeping themselves from being killed by the very ones that they dominate. 

That money is the prime means of domination these days does not matter. If it was guns and clubs it would be no more or less effective in what it accomplishes. 

Love and money have been confused by writings of such as ayn rand, and used in propaganda systems to make those who are dominated love the very tools by which it(class domination) is administered…

It is all a big lie, but it is an institutionalized lie. The ones that engage in it, do not even suspect that they are promoting it.

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