The Intellectual Mind

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                   The Intellectual Mind

   One achieves intelligence through time spent researching and experiencing life. Gaining a new understanding of something previously not known to that individual. What started as a riddle can be answered, in what seems to be, a blink of the eye. The mind constantly taking in and filing information. Though it never rests, constantly working.

    In different levels of sleep, images are gathered, forming dream scenarios. All stimulated from something we have seen or heard throughout our day. Breaking down and analyzing everything in front of us. In some instances, still finding ourselves asking that simple question… Why? Our minds remain in an almost child like state. Always thirsty for the next piece of information.

    The mind, body, and soul are incredible tools we use, to gain the next level of enlightenment. No one person achieves this the same as another. Our lives an experiment of what our minds are capable of. When one breaks free of what they are forced to learn, they are able to open the door to a better understanding of all that surrounds us.



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