Force Against The People To Divide

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   Lately we have seen riots in every direction, all over the world. In some countries, the riots are against those who push control. In the US, riots are being pushed to divide color, races, and the status of all. We are forgetting how this is feeding the fire of what others want. While we are busy fighting against one another, then next game plan is already in the works.

   A revolution against those who hold themselves in a position of power,  will take place. Though it will not be as one that divide us, but as a united being against them. The police do as they are told to.. “enforce the law by any means”. It is a wicked domino effect.

  We are all looked at as the low man on the totem pole, the ants of “society” that can be crushed when the pressure gets to be to much. Just like their species, we all have a purpose. We march to our own beat, not those who pound on the drums.

   The mainstream media only provides information that provokes rage. There is talk of cameras being used for “protection” of the people, though this will not stop the militarization of the cities. They will only use this as means for profiling each and every one of us.

     It is up to you, your choice in whether you allow yourself to be divided in a world that needs you the most. A world that together, can stop what is taking place. Many have tried to take the peaceful routes to stop lives from being harmed, only to be harmed themselves. We don’t need to wear their badges, their colors, their armor.. we are an Army of the People. They play by NO rules, so why should we follow theirs.

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