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The Victory Against You in the Silent War is Your Silence

The Walking Wounded

Protect Your Granted Rights

From the Jefferson Mining District front page, Click on the petition link. Thank you very much for defending your property and that of future generations, no the real ones, and additionally, for helping Jefferson Mining District help you.

Facebook Kills “People Too”

  • Facebook fixes glitch that ‘killed’ users

    Facebook says a glitch that was ‘killing’ off its users has been fixed.

    Several profiles, including that of boss Mark Zuckerberg, were changed to memorial pages.

    “We hope people who love [name] will find comfort in the things others share to remember and celebrate [his/her] life,“ appeared at the top of user profiles, it was reported.

    Affected users ridiculed the problem, with one posting online: “Facebook thinks I’m dead”


Identity Politics

Cognitive Dissonance or Reality Disconnect

  • The Election Unleashed A “Cognitive Dissonance Cluster Bomb”

    Earlier this week listed 24 different theories that pundits have provided for why Trump won. And the list isn’t even complete, we’ve heard other explanations as well. What does it tell you when there are 24 different explanations for a thing?

    As Dilbert Creator Scott Adams explains, it tells you that someone just dropped a cognitive dissonance cluster bomb on the public. Heads exploded. Cognitive dissonance set in. Weird theories came out. This is the cleanest and clearest example of cognitive dissonance you will ever see. Remember it.

    This phenomenon is why a year ago I told you I was putting so much emphasis on PREDICTING the outcome of the election using the Master Persuader Filter. I told you it would be easy to fit any theory to the facts AFTER the result. And sure enough, we can fit lots of theories to the facts. At least 24 of them by CNN’s count.

    Generally speaking, the greater the persuasion, the more cognitive dissonance you get. Trump is – in my opinion – the greatest persuader of my lifetime. I expected this level of cognitive dissonance. Next time you see a persuader of this magnitude, you can expect the outcome to be cognitive dissonance in that case too.

    This brings me to the anti-Trump protests. The protesters look as though they are protesting Trump, but they are not. They are locked in an imaginary world and battling their own hallucinations of the future. Here’s the setup that triggered them.


  • Cognitive dissonance

    In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time; performs an action that is contradictory to their beliefs, ideas, or values; or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas or values.[1][2]

    Relationship between cognitions

    Individuals can adjust their attitudes or actions in various ways. Adjustments result in one of three relationships between two cognitions or between a cognition and a behavior.[1]

    Consonant relationship
    Two cognitions/actions that are consistent with one another (e.g., not wanting to get intoxicated while out, then ordering water instead of alcohol)
    Irrelevant relationship
    Two cognitions/actions that are unrelated to one another (e.g., not wanting to get intoxicated while out, then tying your shoes)
    Dissonant relationship
    Two cognitions/actions that are inconsistent with one another (e.g., not wanting to get intoxicated while out, then consuming a large quantity of alcohol)

Trained to Fear

Trump’s America?

Imposing Equality

  • After Donald Trump victory, Oregonians submit ballot proposal to secede from the union

    On Thursday morning, Jennifer Rollins, a lawyer, and Christian Trejbal, a writer, filed the Oregon Secession Act.

    “Oregonian values are no longer the values held by the rest of the United States,” Trejbal said over the phone Thursday.

    Those values? “Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness,” Trejbal said, “plus equality.”

    Update: Nov. 11, 3:13 p.m. The petition for this ballot measure has been withdrawn after overwhelming positive and negative responses. 


Modernizing Medicine Men

  • Man killed shortly after Facebook posts expose fake medicine man

    Soon after coming forward and exposing what he called a “fake,” Todd Little Bull was shot and killed near Kyle after several posts on social media.
    The person Little Bull accused of allegedly holding ceremonies with fake spiritual experiences is Jerome LeBeau. Little Bull claimed he was asked to shake gourds, turn on small blue lights and blow whistles during ceremonies.  Medicine people in any indigenous nation are keepers of the sacred knowledge, the ceremonies. This knowledge is given to them with great responsibility to the tribe and the population of that tribe. This power can often be abused and this abuse is what Little Bull wanted to expose.




    The law is a sort of hocus-pocus science.” Charles Macklin

    In TRIBAL TIMES, there were the medicine-men. In the Middle Ages, there were the priests. Today there are the lawyers. For every age, a group of bright boys, learned in their trade and jealous of their learning, who blend technical competence with plain and fancy hocus-pocus to make themselves masters of their fellow men. For every age, a pseudo-intellectual autocracy, guarding the tricks of its trade from the uninitiated, and running, after its own pattern, the civilization of its day.

    It is the lawyers who run our civilization for us – our governments, our business, our private lives. Most legislators are lawyers; they make our laws. Most presidents, governors, commissioners, along with their advisers and brain-trusters are lawyers; they administer our laws. All the judges are lawyers; they interpret and enforce our laws. There is no separation of powers where the lawyers are concerned. There is only a concentration of all government power – in the lawyers. As the schoolboy put it, ours is “a government of lawyers, not of men.”



  • The Legal Profession

    Defining the Legal Profession

    Defining the term ‘legal profession’ is more difficult than one may anticipate. It becomes apparent that the simplest definition is perhaps the most befitting. The legal profession is a ‘vocation that is based on expertise in the law and in its applications.’ Those who pursue these ‘vocations’ collectively form a ‘body of individuals who are qualified to practice law in particular jurisdictions. The learned occupation of these individuals is to study, promote, uphold and enforce the collection of rules imposed by the authority. They thus form a ‘legal profession.’

Minute Injustices

  • Shorthanded U.S. Supreme Court’s Justices Trade “Courtesy Votes” to Maintain Status Quo

    In Alabama death row inmate may be alive today because a transgender Virginia high school student was denied the use of the bathroom of his choice this year.

    The two seemingly unrelated cases have one thing in common: In each, a Supreme Court justice switched sides to provide a needed fifth vote to preserve the status quo.

    The issue of courtesy votes arose at Roberts’ 2005 Senate confirmation hearing. Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont asked Roberts what he would do if four other justices favored blocking an execution.

    Speaking of the court’s requirement for five votes to take action, Leahy asked, “Do you feel, as chief, you should do the courtesy of the rule of five and kick in the fifth one?”

    Roberts was equivocal. “I don’t want to commit to pursue a particular practice. But it obviously makes great sense,” he said.

    Hofstra University law professor Eric Freedman said Roberts’ vote “does indicate a return to a prior practice in capital cases, which is a desirable practice.”

    Courtesy votes grow out of the court’s differing vote requirements. To accept a case for review takes four votes. Issuing a decision or court order needs at least five.

    A courtesy fifth vote could allow the other four to reconsider their views, as Roberts spelled out Thursday when he said Arthur’s appeal “does not merit the court’s review.” Roberts said that perhaps some more time would allow the other justices to “more fully consider the suitability of this case.”

    “It’s a very significant development that shows the justices working together despite their disagreements. The court’s ideological center is trying to bridge the gap between its wings,” Goldstein said.


  • If Clinton was You or Me, She’d “Be in Prison” — The Kaepernick Interview the Media is Ignoring

    Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, is quickly becoming the talk of the nation. However, more people are concentrating on the man’s seating preference over the truth he spoke defending that preference.

    Yes, Kaepernick chose not to stand for the national anthem. So what?

    Americans are more outraged over a single NFL player’s personal decision than they are about the criminal government who rules over them.

    During an interview on Sunday, Kaepernick made a powerful point which has conveniently been ignored by the media as they use this incident to tug at partisan heart strings. Hillary Clinton is a psychopath criminal, who knowingly broke the law — and she is one of the choices for president of the United States.

    When asked about whether or not the election year had anything to do with his choosing to remain seated for the national anthem, Kaepernick responded:

    It wasn’t a timing thing, it wasn’t something that was planned. But I think the two presidential candidates that we currently have also represent the issues that we have in this country right now.

    He then went on to shatter the paradigm of being forced into choosing the lesser of two evils by decrying both the political candidates, making the point that Hillary Clinton is a criminal.

Chinese Police USA Law Enforcement

  • Chinese official named head of Interpol, drawing criticism

    A top Chinese police official was elected president of Interpol on Thursday, setting off alarm bells among rights advocates over abuses and a lack of transparency within China’s legal system, as well as the potential misuse of the police organization to attack Beijing’s political opponents.
    Vice Public Security Minister Meng Hongwei was named as the first Chinese to hold the post at the organization’s general assembly on the Indonesian island of Bali, Interpol announced in a press release.
    The Lyon, France-based International Criminal Police Organization has 190 member nations and has the power to issue “red notices.” It’s the closest instrument to an international arrest warrant in use today. Interpol circulates those notices to member countries listing people who are wanted for extradition.



Not Much Of A Transition

  • “Dangerous precedent for free speech”: NJ Gov. Chris Christie signs law punishing boycotts of Israel

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has signed bipartisan-backed legislation that will punish groups that endorse a boycott of Israel in protest of its violations of Palestinian human rights.

    Christie, who is one of the most outspoken supporters of far-right Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, signed the bill on Tuesday.

    It requires the New Jersey government to identify companies that support a boycott of Israel, raising fears that it would create a “blacklist” of institutions that back the growing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, or BDS, movement.

    Under the new law, the State Investment Council, which manages more than $80 billion in pension assets, is legally obligated to divest from these blacklisted companies.

    Legal groups say the legislation is likely unconstitutional.


  • Donald Trump Now Full-Blown Neocon

    Bad news for millions of Americans who bought into Donald Trump’s anti-establishment smoke and mirrors. This week he embraced the military-industrial complex.

    “This is the most like a traditional conservative Republican I can remember Donald Trump sounding, especially on national security and defense,” said Thomas Donnelly after Trump released a blueprint calling for expanded militarization à la Ronald Reagan. “I am one of the original Never Trumpers—and unreconstructed in that regard—but taking the speech on its face you could put my name on it almost.”

    Donnelly is a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a neocon forever war think tank. He has advocated sprawling invasions of the Middle East “to reshape the region’s political order” and insists the US military remain in Iraq until there is a “return of sovereignty, democratic elections, and a modicum of security,” in other words indefinitely.

    Politico reports:

    For months, Donald Trump has blasted Congress for excessive defense spending, calling for buying fewer of the newest fighter jets and scaling back weapons purchases pushed by “special interests.”

    But on Wednesday, he was singing from the traditional GOP national security hymnal, calling for billions of additional dollars for a bigger Army and Marine Corps, missile defense systems and more ships and fighter jets. He also advocated an end to mandatory budget caps — the same ones he used to criticize as too loose.

    It is the latest sign that a candidate who has alienated many bedrock Republican voters is trying to steer toward a more mainstream message that can resonate with party stalwarts and independent voters concerned about an erosion of American security and credibility on the world stage.

    Trump’s embrace of the “traditional GOP national security hymnal” will undoubtedly disappoint many who believed the candidate would shift America away from interventionism and the black hole of massive military spending.


Impossible Science?

  • Leaked NASA paper shows the ‘impossible’ EM Drive really does work

    The results of NASA’s tests on the ‘impossible’ EM Drive have been leaked, and they reveal that the controversial propulsion system really does work, and is capable of generating impressive thrust in a vacuum, even after error measurements have been accounted for.
    The EM Drive has made headlines over the past year, because it offers the incredible possibility of a fuel-free propulsion system that could potentially get us to Mars in just 70 days. But there’s one major problem: according to the current laws of physics, it shouldn’t work.
    The issue is the fact that the EM Drive defies Newton’s third law, which states that everything must have an equal and opposite reaction. So, according to Newton and our current understanding of the world around us, for a system to produce propulsion, it has to push something out the other way (in space, that’s usually combusted rocket fuel).
    But the EM Drive works without any fuel or propellants at all. It works by simply bouncing microwave photons back and forth inside a cone-shaped closed metal cavity. That motion causes the ‘pointy end’ of the EM Drive to generate thrust, and propel the drive in the opposite direction.


  • Motherless babies possible as scientists create live offspring without need for female egg

    Motherless babies could be on the horizon after scientists discovered a method of creating offspring without the need for a female egg.

    The landmark experiment by the University of Bath rewrites 200 years of biology teaching and could pave the way for a baby to be born from the DNA of two men.

    It was always thought that only a female egg could spark the changes in a sperm required to make a baby, because an egg forms from a special kind of cell division in which just half the number of chromosomes are carried over.  Sperm cells form in the same way, so that when a sperm and egg meet they form a full genetic quota, with half our DNA coming from our mother and half from our father.
    But now scientists have shown embryos could be created from cells which carry all their chromosomes which means that, in theory, any cell in the human body could be fertilised by a sperm.
    Three generations of mice have already been created using the technique and are fit and healthy and now researchers are planning to test out the theory using skin cells.

Or Typhus?

  • Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever: New terrifying VIRUS sweeps Europe…and there’s no vaccine


    Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever (CCHF) is a virus primarily transmitted to people from ticks and animals. While it might not be a commonly-discussed disease, CCHF outbreaks – which causes severe viral haemorrhagic fever outbreaks – have a fatality rate of up to 40 per cent, according to the World Health Organisation.

    Worryingly the virus is primarily transmitted to people from ticks and livestock animals – but human-to-human transmission can occur after close contact with the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected persons.

    There is no vaccine available for either people or animals.

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Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

  • The people know that they have created this farce and financed it with their own taxes (consent), but they would rather knuckle under than be the hypocrite. Factor VI – Cattle Those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains, and so this mindless school of jelly-fish, father, mother, son, and daughter, become useful beasts of burden or trainers of the same.
  • Mr. Rothschild’s Energy Discovery
    What Mr. Rothschild [2] had discovered was the basic principle of power, influence, and control over people as applied to economics. That principle is “when you assume the appearance of power, people soon give it to you.”

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The Law of War

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