The Dork Table Podcast Blog- 2017-04-01

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This is the podcast for The Dork Table Program that airs every Saturday at Noon Eastern Time with your hosts Grammy Mary and Flash


We Interrupt Your April Foolery & Tom Foolery (they’re married, don’t ya know) to bring you this Important Message from FlashDork…..
D’s & D’s and the other 6% of you, have you been invaded by a government that knows you better than you know yourself? If not sit tight, there is still time to join the illusion and slave for the man…As the oil runs out, our fearless leaders refuse to admit they lied about everything, the puppets that the system supplies us with still swear HEMP is bad and there is no medical cure for anything…Be prepared for a global shortage of common sense, smaller spaces to reside in and an endless supply of rules and regulations to distract you from that pain in your ass you pretend isn’t there…All this and the latest news from outer space exploration at TDT on RLM.



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