Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2017-05-31

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Grammys Rocket ChairIt’s another WHACK-A-DOODLE Wednesday and the MSM a.k.a. Corporate Lame Ass Propaganda Machine did NOT let me down in the Material Department! Of course Most of it is surrounding Kathy WhatsHerFace and the Results/Repercussions of her “Constitutionally Protected Freedom of Expression” Stunt! Now, I can give 2 spits less about her “Photo Shoot” and the resulting Backlash….. but when her Supporters JUMP on the “Bash Barron” Bandwagon….. well, let’s just say It Got My Dander UP! Y’all…… in your Zeal to “Divert” from Her (imho) Tasteless Stunt…… Definitely Stepped it DOWN a Notch (once again, imho) by going Beneath Contempt and Attacking a CHILD! I don’t CARE that he’s Trumplestilskin’s Son…… He is STILL a CHILD and should be Off Limits for these kind of “Lower Than Whale Shit” Shenanigans!!!

It was after reading about that Kathy Biped that I found out that Almost HALF of the Population “could” be Infected with a Stupid Virus….. which, considering some of the Other Articles I covered, INCLUDING the “Stupid Virus Article” and it’s Questionable Supposition…… well, I’m thinking there is a REALLY BIG Handbasket Out There just Itch’n to Haul Us Off to a place that does NOT have “Pleasant” Warm Breezes.

Yes, Animals are Funny Creatures to observe….. Especially the Human Animal…… which appears to be Evolving Away from “Funny Ha-Ha” to “Day-YUM y’all do some stupid shit” Critters!

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Much Love ~ Grammy

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