Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2017-08-23

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Grammys Rocket Chair

Grammy’s Rocket Chair – The WHACK-A-DOODLE Wednesday Edition!

Well, after a few Technical Snafus, I finally got Going…… which is As Close to Normal as I’ll ever get! Oh Well, as with any WHACK-A-DOODLE Wednesday, I try to highlight the WHACKY side of Humanity….. and most often than not….. wind up covering stuff about Bipeds that Pass themselves Off as Humans but I’m still undecided….. not real sure I want to be lumped in with some of these Nimrods! (and they probably think the same about ME)

Now, I really didn’t want to give any more attention to the whole “RACIST” B.S. that’s going on right now…… what with all the Knicker-Knotting that’s going on over Inanimate Objects such as Statues (unnaturally shaped rocks & metals), Flags (bits of colorful cloth) & Pictures (images of People & Places from LONG Ago) and other such stuff, that Unless it Falls on You, Cannot Do You ANY REAL Harm…… BUT……… After having a bit of Fun with some Guy (WARNING! Blatant Sexist Verbiage) CLAIMING to have Whooped Up On “God” (Trigger the Atheists) in a Literal All Star Wrestling Match….. I just HAD to “Go there”!

While Poking Fun, Losing My Cool, Having a Go At, All this Brouhaha got me to thinking. “Snowflake”….. although appropriate for it’s delicateness, did not truly FIT for all these Bipeds who are Urgently Calling for a WHAAAAAAmbulance because They Have an Emotional BooBoo and SOMEONE Needs to “Kiss It”……. No, in this instance, that Won’t Make it Go Away…… in fact, it will Embolden them to DEMAND More Individuals to “Kiss It” because they Really Enjoy the Power Trip! So, thanks to Scott Adams, I will from hence forth refer to them as “Bubble Encased Gender Neutral Individuals” a.k.a. “BEGNI” because of the Bubbles they Reside In…. by the way, Those Bubbles were Designed by “The Leeches That Be” a.k.a. “TLTB” for the expressed purpose of Causing Trouble by giving those that are inclined to be Easily Butt-Hurt a Special “Victim Card” to Flash Around!

I feel I must inform you that this is Not a New Tactic….. in fact, it’s Tried & True……. and why change a strategy that has been working for YEARS?!? I really can’t tell you When this all started but it does seem to be coming to a Head…… Free Speech has been Targeted for quite some time now but it’s not been until recently that it’s really kicking into High Gear with the emergence of the BEGNI. Shouting Down Anyone that didn’t Completely Agree with Their Warped Idea of “Tolerance” has been doing a Bang Up Job…… but Now They want to Actually Bang Things Up by Tearing Them Down…… all based on the Selective Editing of History brought to you by The Public Educraption System & The MSM. (All Bought & Paid For by the Propaganda Arm of the Guberment)

Now the Only thing I need to figure out is WHO should Lick the Spoon First…. because if you’re gonna Stir the Shit Pot…… You Should Get the “Privilege” of Licking the Spoon! ( I do believe there are Plenty of Spoons to Go Around)

BTW, We Are The HUMAN RACE….. All Other Differences are due to Environmental & Cultural Differences! Skin Color Does NOT a Race Make…… So STOP Already!!!

Thanks for Listening In & Be Sure to Check Out ALL the Other Awesome Shows on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy


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