Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2017-10-04

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Grammys Rocket Chair

Grammy’s Rocket Chair….. on a Totally WHACKED Wednesday!

I have been Totally OFF Kilter for the last couple days and it all came to a Head Today…… I Honestly Believe that the “Leeches That Be” are Desperate and TRYING to Bring Everyone’s Energy DOWN to the Base Level of FEAR & ANGER! I know it’s Hard…… but we Need to Get A Hold of OUR OWN Emotions and NOT Fall Into the “FEAR PORN” B.S.!

Anger is only a Bad Thing if You Allow It to Control Your Actions…… Instead of You Controlling It!

As a Very Wise Woman told Me……. Step Away……. Brush It Off…… and Tell Yourself “Not My Monkeys, Not My Circus”!

Thanks for Putting Up with Me and I Hope Y’all have an AWESOME rest of your Day/Night….

Much Love ~ Grammy



This is the podcast for Grammy’s Rocket Chair Program that airs every Wednesday and Friday Night at 7:00 Eastern Time with your host Grammy Mary

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